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Never to late to learn to code

Where are the female equivalents of Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg?   Why do less than 1% of high school girls select computer science as a university major? Academic institutions need to find innovative ways to attract women into our engineering and technology classrooms. Increasing the much-needed presence of women in science,...

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Connection Marketing — A Platform For Millennials

I have personally reached a point in my career at which I can reflect back on some decisions and say, “I’m so glad I did that in my 20s.” And on the flip side of that coin, I’m also thinking, “Why didn’t I think about this sooner?” I've had hundreds of conversations...

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4 Steps to Developing your compelling introduction

A compelling introduction is used to sway the listener. It’s used when you need to quickly capture attention and move it in your direction. This is when your introduction must be a story. Here’s 4 steps to developing your compelling introduction....

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If Your Life Falls Apart, Will Your Business Survive?

Something hard has happened. Illness, a death in the family, a brutal divorce—and your focus on your business waivers. This is natural, of course; a crisis will need your full attention. But what about your business? Can it survive your crisis?...

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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Now that the new year has come and gone, how much thought have you given to your social media for your business? Are you aware how social media can help grow your business? The first thing you must understand about social media is that it’s about building the KNOW, LIKE &...

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FemCity Founder + CEO, Violette de Ayala created our first 2017 Business + Life Workbook for FEMS in our community looking for clarity, focus and on point vision. Download your free copy today.   Dedicate some quiet time prior to working on the lessons, meditate before and move forward with action.   DOWNLOAD THE...

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