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How to Launch a Successful Business

Whether we are launching a business, contemplating a new venture or reviewing the status of our current business, a road map to vision is a great place to start. Founder of FemCity, Violette de Ayala hosted this Online Global Series for FemCity Live to help share tips, advice and trends...

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FemCity Girls Start a Business Webinar

A FemCity® Webinar / FemCity Girls Start a Business Webinar / Created by Founder of FemCity Violette de Ayala A growing trend is happening and young girls are at the forefront of considering the world of entrepreneurism. More and more tweens are brainstorming on new businesses and looking for resources to...

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SIMPLE STEPS TO START A BUSINESS / SHARED BY VIOLETTE DE AYALA // FOUNDER OF FEMCITY More and more FEMS arrive in our communities with the goal of launching a business. We see patterns of women in their early 20’s, mid 40’s and late 60’s deciding that this is the moment...

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Mindful Planning

Being mindful when planning your schedule can help you stay in the present moment and prevent stress and anxiety.  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsSeWz1RL4I&feature=youtu.be[/embed]...

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Self Worth and your Finances

Did you miss Amanda Abella's Class on 10/8? Amanda is the Best Selling Author of Make Money Your Honey and featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post and Business Insider.   As part of the Femfessionals 6 Week Series, she taught Self Worth and our Self Worth. To hear the webinar  click here...

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Social Media Presence | Femfessionals 6 Week Series Class 3

We all know that we need to promote our businesses in order to get customers. However, many women feel uncomfortable when it comes to self-promotion.  Learn tips and tricks from Little Nest Founder & CEO, Laura Novak Meyer on how to overcome your fears and put yourself out there in social media...

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