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You might be asking yourself, why should I join FemCity as a Business Member? What is in it for me? How can joining FemCity as a Business Member possibly help me in life and business? We hear you! I created FemCity because I craved a community of women that truly supported other women. I designed FemCity to include tips, resources and platforms to help women launching and growing businesses. I dedicate my time to working with our team to consistently add more for women. Please read on… I think you’ll see why thousands join FemCity as a Business Member.

Here are my favorite reasons why you need to join FemCity as a Business Member today! Business Membership is only $150 for the year. [around $12.50 a month]. {It’s lower in price than perhaps you expected. Our intention with this low annual rate is to give all women launching and growing businesses the value of a membership in line with those having limited budgets}.

  1. FREE LOCAL WORKSHOPS : Collective communities host monthly workshops for business members. If you are a part of one of our Hub communities, there are complimentary + 50% discounted events + workshops for Business Members through out the year.
  2. FREE WEEKLY ONLINE CLASSES : Join us every Wednesday at 12 pm EST for our live classes created just for our FEMS. Each class has a featured teacher that is an expert in the class topic.
  3. FREE MONTHLY GROUP COACHING : Join Founder of FemCity once a month for a complimentary group coaching session. Bring your questions and get the opportunity to pick her brain. [Series runs Fall, Winter and Spring].
  4. POST LOCAL EVENTS : Post your local events on your local FemCity calendar.
  5. PRIVATE COLLABORATIVE GROUPS : Collective communities have private and Business Member Only online collaborative groups. Hubs have private FB group pages to serve as a place to connect and forge beneficial and supportive business relationships.
  6. DIRECTORY : Featured in Directory as a Business Member.
  7. MONTHLY CONNECTIONS : Business Members that are a part of our Collective community are a part of our Collective Member only Virtual Series. For Business Members that are a part of our Hub Communities [communities larger than 50 Business Members], they are recognized at local events as Business Members.
  8. BE A PART OF POSITIVITY : In a world where women struggle to find mentors, funding or support, we are making a change in the world. One community at a time.

We would love to get to know you!


If there isn’t a FemCity Community in your neighborhood, that’s alright. You and a few friends can launch one. Read more here. 

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