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17-Year Gap in Interviewing Experience? No Problem!

This is Cora. I’ll let her tell you her story in her own words.

“As a previous client of The Next Step Solution, I want to say I highly recommend the complete package to anyone who is seeking to learn what their God-given strengths and passions are. We are all unique and have characteristics that are innately built in us that naturally make us perfect in certain roles. However, like myself, though I had these strengths and passions deep inside me, I needed help discovering what they were and how these strengths and passions had already been playing out in my life without me fully realizing it. As my career coach took me through the journey of self-discovery, I learned that I had much experience with transferrable skills that my prospective employer would be looking for in their search for the perfect candidate.
I share with you my testimonial so you can see the contrast of where I was to how the journey with my career counselor truly made all the difference in my results.

I was seeking to enter a new career as a registered nurse. I had not done an interview in over 17 years, nor had I ever put together a resume or letter of intent. The job seeking process had changed drastically in all those years. I didn’t know how to sell myself on paper to get to the point of getting the interview, let alone knowing what to say in the interview to assure them I was the right person for the job.

My career coach started me off discovering what my strengths were by taking an online test. I had a deadline to submit all my paperwork, so at the time I remember thinking I don’t have time to do a self-discovery journey… I need a resume quick! I couldn’t have been more wrong. It turns out discovering my strengths was the foundation to everything else we did and ultimately what landed me two job offers at two different hospitals in the area, both of which were a direct track to what was my passion. In other words, I got TWO offers for what were my DREAM jobs. My resume showed a consistent application of transferable skills in all my previous roles that they were skills they were specifically looking for. I remember several aha moments as I struggled to see how certain skills had been performed in my previous roles as my coach guided and encouraged to pull out specific examples I had performed. She showed me how that applied to a transferable skill.

By end of my journey with my career coach, I had a new confidence of who I was, what specific path I wanted to take that would lead me to fulfilling my passions of doing what I love and I had an arsenal of prepared documents that gave me the tools needed to land the job! Though I was done with my sessions with my coach, she went above and beyond the call of duty and continued to coach me through my interview process. Seeing how nervous I was, my coach took the time to help me realize I had all the tools I needed to be successful. She even practiced doing interview questions with me. I had been so nervous about this process, I pictured myself walking into the interview and clamming up with no personality and having brain block. The interviews I faced were particularly intimidating because both positions I was interviewing for required me to be interviewed by a 5-person panel by important supervisory people that were in charge of finding just the right candidate for the position.

What I didn’t realize fully at this point was that my coach had fully prepared me to shine during this moment. After saying a small prayer, I walked into the interview surrounded by all these important people, knowing this was the most important interview I had ever had in my life. I was amazed as the process unfolded how confident and sure of myself I felt. I truly did shine and I knew without a doubt I had hit the target during the interaction I had with each person. Ultimately, at the end of each of the two interviews I was asked the dreaded question, “Why should we hire you compared to all the other candidates applying for the job?” This is where I was able to pull out the strengths finder test results and fully explained what my strengths were, why those were important as a nurse and how those strengths had already been consistently applied in all my other roles and life experience and how those strengths were a perfect fit for their organization’s vision and purpose. I walked out seeing smiling faces and knowing that I was going to be offered the job.

Money was tight for me at the time I considered the services provided and I questioned if I could afford it. Looking back at the journey, I know it was an investment that will pay off for years to come. I know without a doubt that I would not have had the same results if I had tried to do this alone and not taken the time to discover my strengths and passions first. Thank you, Next Step Solution! You helped to change my future!”

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We know everyone deserves to feel like Cora; help a sister find her fulfillment with The Next Step Solution, LLC.


Andrea K. Haynes – Transformative Coach & Visionary


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