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3 Easy Steps To Release Emotional Weight

3 Easy Steps To Release Emotional Weight by Michelle Alva, PT

Do you carry the extra weight of emotions in your body?  

Do you sit for 5 or more hours per day at a desk? Listen to the interview HERE “3 Easy Steps To Release Emotional Weight” 

Grateful to share these powerful and easy techniques to get our of our heads and into our bodies on Dr. Linell King‘s empowering radio show!

3 Steps to Release Emotional Weight:

  1. Breathe with Your Diaphragm. Learn how Erect Your Posture. Keep your body aligned to feel lighter and freer. This assists us in creating an optimal posture to breathe optimally.
  2. Mindfulness Meditation with Heart and Gut Awareness. Put your right hand over your chest and left hand over your belly. Bring awareness to your heart and tummy while you do the diaphragmatic breathing. This simple exercise connects us to our body and calms us.
  3. Use sound as a form of letting go. The sound AHHHH facilitates an emotional and physical release of pain and tension while also giving us an opportunity to express our stress.

Let me know how these simple exercises benefit you and comment down below!

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Soul Connector Michelle Alva, Holistic Physical Therapist and Intuitive Healer, is a woman on a mission to uplift our world and remind us of our essential nature, that we ARE love. She does this by integrating her over 20-year background sharing an approach that unites modern science with ancient wisdom and includes yoga therapy, belly dance, massage, emotional release bodywork, PSYCH-K®, Therapeutic Touch® and Sound Therapy. Michelle creates a sacred space where clients learn how to easily and effectively release and process old repressed physical and emotional traumas and tensions. She intuitively guides us through a process that leaves us feeling lighter, connected, fully alive and aligned to your true, authentic essence! Michelle has created a “life fulfillment enhancement program” for women to embrace and embody their wholeness called Sexy, Sacred Sensual You. Michelle’s passion is expressing her mission through videos, writings, her blog, one-on-one emotional release bodywork session, retreats and professional speaking. She is a catalyst for individuals to heal, de-stress, energize and align with their authentic self. Michelle recently released a new album of guided meditations called “YES! YES! YES! Guided Meditations To BE The Love We Wish To See In The World” to create a new mindset for each one of us to BE an embodiment of uplifting change on our planet. She also has created a guided meditation and movement to inspire individuals to create living “Heaven On Earth.”

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