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5 Characteristics of Successful Women You Need to Know

Last year, I spent a week with 12 successful women entrepreneurs and it was an incredible journey. We arrived in Tuscany for our Femfessionals Business For Your Soul™ Retreat and the lessons I witnessed still linger in my mind today.

As in all beginnings, there was a subtle level of shyness and frequent moments of awkward “getting to know you’s”. The quest for getting settled into the villa and establishing harmony between personalities was also in the air. Within hours, chattiness was the backdrop of the atmosphere and goblets of red wine were being sipped by all. The retreat already started to embrace everyone and a common unity could be felt within the room. It was magical from the start.

Through it all, I was able to witness an amazing cohesiveness amongst all. Some moments forever marked my soul with gratitude. I left the retreat with the acknowledgement and understanding that we are truly “one” with the intention to live life fully. Our common strong ties and threads, regardless of differences, were connected to one another. These 12 women all had unifying themes in their past, present and future. They reinforced 5 wondrous behaviors and attitudes I believe to be true of successful women. We can use these lessons as reminders and points of inspiration along our own path of our envisioned future. My intention is to illustrate how powerful women with a strong vision can be.

1.STORY TIME: As they say, beauty is skin deep. The beauty started to truly unfold with shared stories of life struggles, financial loss, deep heartache and troubling childhoods. Each one of us had a story that brought out the beauty in us to a grander light. The women that seemed the most perfect in spirit, had the darkest experiences. It is through their perseverance and never give up attitudes that the twisting of their defining moments lead to a powerful story that didn’t limit them. Their perception of past situations made them stronger and created an unbreakable strength to create a life they envisioned. Everyone. Has. A. Story. [period]

2.OPPOSITES ATTRACT: From across the world, women that had nothing seemingly in common, joined together in a soulful commonality. Like Salt and Pepper, the human version of opposites, they united and friendships were created that mired childhood ones. Open your heart to friendships that may at first seem odd in combination. Those may be the perfect friends to open your mind to a new perspective on life [and in business]. Expand your circle to a diversity of religion, ethnicity, politics and upbringing. It will expand your circle of network too.

3.HELD BACK: Quite often, the items in our lives and businesses that are holding us back, are the same items we strongly cling too. Comfort, safety, steady; those seem to hold us back from the big enlightened step in life that’s needed to get to that next envisioned level. Self diagnosis and self reflection leads to discovering the few scary things we must tackle that we know in our core to be the one thing that will set us free. What are you clinging to that needs to be released?

4.MANIFESTING: We hear this word so often that we have missed the truth behind the definition. All the women at the retreat were amazing manifesters of their lives. They knew what they wanted in life and then acted upon every opportunity that resonated with their soul. Opportunity is masked as a hidden gem and awesome manifesters are great at tuning into what each step will bring in connection to their vision. They realize that every step into action brings them closer to their goals. Many of them grew up with no direction nor guidance and yet, they created their own vision and achieved it. The key words are vision and action, and the power to manifest is in their connection to each other.

5.SETTLE: Never settle! Sometimes I settle for chocolate almonds because chocolate pecans aren’t available. My example is more of a level replacement. The settling I am defining is downplaying your goals to fit your current living. That is settling. Don’t settle. Keep moving forward to your goals, your ultimate vision and don’t give up.

These women didn’t give up, didn’t change their vision and have achieved greatness. It’s wonderful to see the multi-dimensional components of women that made it and achieved their desires. When 1-5 above is combined, greatness is inevitable.


Violette is the Founder of Femfessionals [a global online and local community for women entrepreneurs], a small business expert, writer and mother of three. A serial entrepreneur with 20-plus years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity. 

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  • Attniet Aznarez / 16 March 2016 9:49

    It was an honor to share in such a special trip. It was one of the big steps of my personal revolution I began last year. Stepping out of my comfort zone and bonding with other women and their stories helped me gain a new perspective on life. It lend me to shed that old skin that no longer served me and expose a shine new me. Thanks you Violette for making it possible. I am anxiously awaiting Bali.

  • Brigid / 16 March 2016 9:53

    I’m moved to tears Violette. A trip and experience that I will never forget. It was truly a gift.
    Thank you xoxo

  • Vivianne Swietelsky / 21 March 2016 1:44

    Our Femfessional Tuscany retreat was many things: starting point, cross-roads, meeting of minds, melding of ideas.

    I deeply appreciate the connections and friendships that were established in that magical week. I adore my friends that have already stepped up to support me both personally and professionally,

    Unlike men, women thrive on developing personal connections, and Femfessionals has created the perfect environment on its Business Retreats for us to meet and establish both business and personal relationships.

    Count me in for the next one!

  • Violette de Ayala / 6 April 2016 8:57

    Thank you Atty, Brigid and Vivianne!!! It was so amazing and so happy we will always be connected!!

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