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Launching a Dream BusinessWritten by Karen Roth

What’s stopping YOU from jump starting your future?

With over 25 years as a serial entrepreneur, on the cusp of launching BIZ #5,  I’ve learned a few things about creating something from nothing.

Here are my 5 top lessons for taking your dream to reality:

Just start. Dreaming is fine for a while but eventually, dreaming without action is only a wish. Unrealized dreams have a way of stockpiling and becoming a tremendous obstacle to future endeavor. There is no shame in moving forward and then realizing after substantive research/experience that a dream is not viable. This is the place you begin to dream again. There is a distinct difference between aborting a dream with full knowledge versus aborting a dream that never took flight. Guess which one is a powerful learning experience to bolster your next adventure? Now get started!

Get used to feeling SCARED. I’ve begun to actually believe that adrenaline may be the number 1 fuel for motivating dreams into action. If you aren’t scared, your dream isn’t big enough – you might as well stay in bed. Anyone can domediocre. It takes a dynamic effort to produce a dream of excellence. Rather than becoming immobilized by your fear, let it work for you.

SHUT up! – unless you are sharing your dream with someone who believes in you and in your dream. I learned this valuable lesson early on in my entrepreneurial journey. Too many people have become discouraged and bitter when life hasn’t gone their way. Don’t allow a disgruntled, embittered grumbler rain on your parade and disempower your vision. Seek out positive peeps who will springboard your success!

GO with the FLOW. Learn to adapt. Very rarely will things go according to your plan. This is NOT the time to give up. It took me 3 different production teams to find my dream teammatch. Learn to view all of your experiences – the good, bad, and the ugly, as learning opportunities rather than failure. And, in this vein, I have to emphatically emphasize – NEVER NEVER NEVER take bad breaks personally. Everyone who achieves success has experienced setbacks and disappointments. It’s just the way it goes. When you get knocked down, get back up!

Treat people with RESPECT and do everything with excellence. No matter ‘where’ you are in your journey right now. Remember these wise nuggets of truth –  The way you do one thing is the way you do everything; And, People may not remember what you do or what you say, they will remember how you make them feel. Make sure that your actions speak well for you.

Most importantly – realize that life is a journey. The dreams you have today will not be the same dreams you have in 5, 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Nothing is permanent. Take time to enjoy the moments along the way and relish the experience of truly living – by jumping into life without hesitation. It may help to remember that many of the stressors you face today will be inconsequential or irrelevant in hindsight.

Final note?

Live with intention, grow through your experiences, and share your wisdom so others can dream their dreams.

By Karen Roth, Femfessionals President of Sarasota

Read more : http://karenrothblog.com/

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  • Loretta / 11 February 2016 6:39


    Cheers to you Karen for this inspirational article. I have found many of the tip You suggest to be quite similar & helpful to me along my path. I was a nurse practitioner practicing in Florida for several years before I expanded into North Carolina and now also doing workshops and retreats. Prove to be a great support for me and a great reminder to always get up-I think even the negative things in life are permanent.

    Thanks again

    Loretta Ohanlon Psych NP (ARNP in Fl)

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