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5 Social Media Apps You Need Now

5 Social Media Apps You Need Now | Written By: Lisa Gunderson 

Something I always say when speaking of social media rescue is, “there is an app for everything.” Whether you are using social media to brand your professional appearance, company, blog, etc., your content needs to be engaging. Get the most out of social media by utilizing these apps that will improve your feed.

  1. Repost App

Social media is a tool to share your story through photos, video and copy. Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, a lounge, have a service or sell a product, your audience is most likely checking in, sharing their experience and hash tagging your name. With the Repost App you can copy the link in Instagram and simply click to your Repost App and it will be exported and ready for Instagram in seconds. This works for both photos and video. But tread cautiously. Choose wisely to ensure what you repost fits your image, always give credit where credit is due, and if it has youth involved, it is recommended that you reach out to the parent or guardian who shared to ensure it is ok to share their content.

  1. A Color Story

Instead of giving all of your photos just one filter, use A Color Story to enhance the colors in each photo. With over 100 filters, 40 effects and 20 tools, A Color Story will give your photos the finishing touch they need.

  1. SquareSize

Have a “wow” photo that in no way deserves to be cropped and still does not fit Instagram’s new “fit” tool? Bring it to the SquareSize app and it will be ready to post in no time—with no beauty lost.

  1. Black

This app is a game changer for black and white photo. It’s unique, crisp and accurate. Once you use it, you won’t go back to the other black and white filters from the past. 

  1. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Previous to Hyperlapse from Instagram, expensive equipment was needed to create time-lapse videos. With Hyperlape’s stabilization technology, you can create engaging and unique time lapse videos in seconds, even while in motion.

Tip: Most of these apps have “upgrades” features in their settings.  Is it worth the investment? Absolutely. These upgrades often unveil more features and remove app logos and tags to keep away unwanted messiness in your feed.

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