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8 Steps to dream BIG + live BIG

What are your dreams?  Maybe you want travel more, buy a new car, move into a new house, find a life partner to share your life with, buy hunting land, volunteer more, find time in the day to spend with your children, manage your hectic life so you aren’t so stressed out all the time, improve your health, run a marathon, scuba dive, sky dive, the list of dreams goes on and on. 

What makes your dreams special is that the dreams are YOUR dreams.  No one can determine what those dreams are except you.  But, do you even have time to stop and figure out what your dreams are?  And when you do figure out what they are, how on earth will you figure out how to reach them?

Follow these 8 Steps to dream BIG + live BIG


The first thing you need to do to reach your dream is begin with the end in mind.  If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.   What do you really want?  What are your desires?  What are your dreams?  Write them down.


So, now that you know what your BIG DREAM is, it’s time to OWN IT.  What does it mean to own it?  It means that you believe it, that you can envision it.  Create a Vision Board to own your dream.  It doesn’t need to be super fancy, but you need to create it.  Take an hour and find images that represent your dream.  Put those images on a poster board.  Be specific, add a time frame to the dreams.


After you have a Vision Board created, it is time to create an action plan.  How will you get there?  What steps do you need to take that will move you closer to your dream?  Spend some time determining the steps that need to be taken to translate your dreams into specific actions.


When you get up each morning, ask yourself:  What am I going to do today to move me closer to my dream?  Let go of things that do not serve you.  Kindly, decline invitations that move you further from your dream.   Seek out activities and people who move you closer to your dream. Focus on actions that align with your plan.


The magic happens in the uncomfortable zone.  Challenge yourself to step into the UZ so that you can grow and move closer to your dream.  Sometimes we need to do things that we normally wouldn’t do because it makes us feel uncomfortable.  Join a new social group, accept that public speaking engagement, go to an event by yourself.  All of those things are scary, but once you have faced your fears and stepped into the UZ, it will be easier the next time.  Stop worrying about what other people think of you.  Chances are, they have the same fears.  Instead, make someone feel welcome and comfortable when they are the new comer in the group.


Consistency and Persistence is the key to achieving your dreams.   You are created with all of the tools that you need to achieve greatness.   There are so many motivational stories of people who never gave up.  When you are thinking of throwing in the towel, think to yourself.  What if…  What if I succeed in reaching my dream?  What will my life look like?  What if I quit trying to reach my dream?  What will my life look like?  Which path will you choose?


Give gratitude to those who helped you along the journey.   At the end of each day, give gratitude to those who helped you today and to those have came before you and paved the path to allow you to move closer to your dream.  Take time to celebrate the journey of moving closer to your dream!


Continue to dream, continue to grow, and continue to live.

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