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SEO Cheat for Blogging

Blogs are a great source of inbound traffic and an excellent way to show off your expertise.  But I’ll bet that every so often you get stuck on what to post up about.  Here’s a quick solution to breaking the writer’s block that will also help your SEO ranking.

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type a key phrase into the search box that corresponds with your area of expertise
  3. Google will start to autofill in a phrase.
  4. Try using “why”, “how to”, “can I” in front of your keyword phrase.

Now you have a few ideas on what to write about that people are searching on.  Use the question as your blog title.  “How to create an amazing business Facebook cover photo” is something I would use given the above example.  This is a short, concise way to write about what people are asking to learn about, which is the point of a blog.

Let’s try it digging a little deeper.  If you are a health blogger looking for a specific idea, try the sequence below.

Aim for a good healthy kid friendly recipe for “Children’s lunch boxes” and I am sure you will come up with four or five good ones to share with your audience.

Give it a try and let me know what brainstorms you come up with to add to your blog.

FOR VISUAL TUTORIAL, A-Quick-SEO-Cheat-for-Blogging




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