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A Vacation Revolution | DreamTrip

Boasting many beautiful parks, history lessons, whimsical art, great food, and walkability, Boston is the perfect place to create family vacation memories. My sons and I just returned from a fun and stress free DreamTrip that we will long remember as a favorite.

Getting Around 

Despite Boston being a bustling city, it’s surprisingly easy to get around. You can see many of the historical sites by walking the 3.5 freedom trail or biking. The subway, locally known as the T, or Uber are also easy and affordable options.

Our DreamTrip included a 24 hour Hop On Hop Off Trolley pass that we used to see most of the city and visit several historical sites. We have used hop on hop off passes in a few other cities and this was the best experience. The drivers shared great stories and even funny jokes that really helped capture the spirit of Boston. We also used our passes to strategically schedule stops to have Dim Sum for lunch in Chinatown and dinner in Little Italy. Our DreamTrip also included a lunch cruise featuring a dance party, giant Jenga, and 2 hours cruising with views of the Boston skyline.

Hands on Learning

Our favorite history lesson to experience was at the Boston Tea Party Museum and Ships. The talented re-enactors pulled us back in time as tax revolting, tea dumping, Sons of Liberty! The museum experience is full of surprises like holographic images and talking portraits. If we had stayed one more day, we would have also visited the aquarium and children’s museum.

The DreamTrip Difference

I have traveled a lot with my family in the past several years. What we did on our Boston trip isn’t much different from what I would have planned on my own. However, there are a few major differences. I would not have been able to stay at the beautifully appointed, nautical inspired, Marriott Long Wharf, at over $300 per night. When I checked in with my DreamTrips host, I was given a $70 room credit and 2 bonus excursions. I saved over 75% on our entire trip. These savings are how I’ve been able to enjoy 20 vacations in the last 21 months! Huzzah!

Connect with Beth to learn more about this innovative program @ Bethboydbell@gmail.com.
This article originally appeared on Macaroni Kid Roanoke- an online resource for families with elementary school aged children.

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