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violette de ayala founder of femcity

I started FemCity Miami as a side project for just a handful of my FEM friends. My idea at the time was simply to meet monthly and assist one another in business. [Concept: sisterhood in business immersed in positivity]. After hosting “Connection Luncheons” throughout 2009, the concept of FemCity grew and within a few months over 200 business women were growing business through the local FEM Network.


Jessica and I met at the second FemCity Miami luncheon that same year. Who would have known our lives would forever be altered by a Femfessionals connection? At the time, I owned a Communications Firm working with Environmental, Community and Political campaigns. Jessica was the owner of a Miami–based Boutique Business Law Firm specializing in Small Businesses. Once we connected, Jessica assisted with the legal formation of Femfessionals, and the rest [as they say], is herstory.


In 2010, while discussing the vision for FemCity based on feedback received, we formed an official partnership.


Our intention: How do we create the same amazing community group we have in Miami in other communities globally, while maintaining the home-like feel for women? How do we create a community for women giving them all the resources, inspiration and connections needed to push their businesses to the levels of their vision? How do we help millions of women grow business and make a difference in their communities?


After two years of focus groups and testing, all while working at our full time gigs, we officially launched FemCity [Femfessionals]. In 2012, we added Business Classes [Google+ and Yelp classes] and Around Town Socials [Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th Avenue] based on member feedback and requests.


Fast forward and here we are with over 70 local business communities and growing strong with women as our only focus. 2012 was also the year we paid ourselves and that was the best $500 we ever made!


Our business and global members are featured throughout our site, social media and email marketing sharing their business news, articles, local events, PR posts, and promotions. Our world revolves around our members.


FemCity is the business hub for women locally and globally all immersed in positivity. We are an innovative community that catapults businesses to the next level while providing the support needed for small business owners. Whether you are starting out in business, have been in business for years or just thinking about going into business, we are here for you.


We know as serial entrepreneurs how important it is to have the support from a community of women, just like you. We are your community, your girl power and your evolutionary “go-to” outreach. We got your back.


Join us and lets grow your business together!


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Violette de Ayala

Founder & CEO of FemCity