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Alli Van Roekel // A FemCity Business Member Interview

We love our FemCity Business community and each Business Member is filled with inspiration, advice and wisdom. When we share our truths, it allows others to do the same. Alli shared her story with me. Now, we share it with you. Thanks Alli from our Omaha Community!

  1. What inspired you to launch your business? When I got the idea of launching my business, I had been working in youth ministry for 15 years and was fed up with the way institutions treat the people they are trying to serve.  I wanted to get to know my students on a much deeper level and provide a process for true development.  It’s very difficult to do this with a group type model, so I decided I wanted to begin coaching people one on one. Eventually my focus evolved to coaching women because helping women find their purpose elevates all the people in her life, including her family 
  2. Who were the people that helped you on this path?  My own Coach, who introduced the tools that I used to me.  My husband, who supported me and listened to endless hours of my contemplation.  I had a boss that allowed me to work for him while starting my own business, and even became one of my first customers. 
  3. Did you ever think of quitting? If so, how did you shift into moving forward? Oh yes, many times.  One things I did when I would start to panic, is write down literally every thought going through my head and then analyze it. What was REALLY true that I was saying to myself, and what was just fear in disguise?  Going back to testimonials that were written by my clients who loved what I did for them continued to remind me that I have something to offer and I MUST offer it to the world!  And, last–I know that I operate best when I have a lot of freedom and autonomy and owning my business gives me that opportunity, so I kept that dream in front of me to keep me going. 
  4. What does Business for your soul mean to you?  I have not heard this phrase before, so my first thought is that it makes me be sure that I am doing my work from the most genuine place as possible.  It makes me think about how important it is for my core values to align with my work and how I treat everyone I meet and serve.

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