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I have been a creative person since I was allowed to use crayons!

Creating things that I could play with or use in my grade school assignments from what I colored or designed was my escape… I would look for paper scraps, cardboard, fabric and really anything that I could incorporate into my final production or should I say, self-made “trophy” that I would later share with family members.

In grade school we created what was known as a “diarama” which consisted of a shoebox that I had the task of not only telling a story, but it was my job to illustrate the scene, characters and functioning pieces! I took my diaramas very seriously, survived life’s ups and downs to become a very creative adult.

However, we all know that the world of fine art is highly competitive and not about shoebox diaramas. With this said, my drive to create images to later become part of functional art or some other product it is of no surprise to me in that I am always looking at how things work and/or don’t work!

While art in various forms has been around since the beginning of time, it has changed its face and increased momentum recently finding its place among clothing, personal items, etc.

Just like the diarama of yesterday told the story in grade school, the art of today when it shows up on more than just canvas, gives us a feeling that there is something right with the world, that a brighter and better tomorrow is possible, and just maybe, that anything is possible!

I believe, that as an artist, it is my responsibility to share my artistic vision and bring light into the dark corners of our planet. Maybe even turn on some more lights in those already lit up areas.

The process of creation has no boundaries.

I see myself as an advocate and voice for all things that are ART. Why wouldn’t I be in love with ART? Recalling how healing it was to express my childhood emotions outside the lines with my first love of art, crayons! While my images may have started with crayons, it has grown to creating images that evoke emotion, speak to humanity and advocate peace.

While the diarama might be a thing of the past and since replaced with technology and graphic design, the dream of creation started with our imagination, our essence and the longing to fulfill that desire for that something more, we knew existed, somewhere, in the landscape of our playgrounds.

As a creative, developing strategies to stay current and develop new techniques is essential… I have tried painting with rag, sponges, every type of cloth, my hands and fingers to create that which has not been seen, at least, not on my canvas, just yet! One of my favorites things to do is to seek out other creative people and “talk art.”

What I urge you to keep in mind is that first art experience where you colored outside the lines and it really didn’t matter. Imagine doing this every time you create. It’s called “no boundaries.”

“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… Rum



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