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Welcome to FemCity® Asheville!


I’m Peggy Crowe and I am stoked to be given the amazing chance to be the new President of the Asheville FemCity network!  I have been a member since its inception in 2013. In the past I had never felt an affinity for the company of females. But that all changed when I joined this group of women that I now call friends. We have hugged; cried; laughed; shared our true desires, fears and found encouragement and support. Now I know what the true camaraderie of women feels like and I have never turned back. You can find home here as well.


What excites me the most is helping to create a safe harbor where women can TRULY know and be known by other like-minded women in Asheville. When we bond as friends, other avenues will be fostered and we will all be enriched. The cake is the bond that we create and the icing will be the business that will naturally occur.


We envision being a place of inclusivity for a diverse group of women where you can be yourself and just take a breather from the stresses of the workplace. We will enlighten you with high-end speakers who will help facilitate deeper dive discussions on how you can integrate their expertise in your own life. We will offer networking opportunities that breed friendship and support. We promise to listen to your thoughts and suggestions and foster a sense of true compassion for one another.


Women relate to each other on a personal level. It’s not the traditional, “Hi, I’m Peggy and I work for XYZ. Here’s my business card. Call me.”  Asking about the other person and finding out more about them is the basis of how we seek to approach each other. Women will ask you for your business card because they know, like and trust you.  They WILL call you because they know who you are and that you deeply care about what you do. Priceless.


If you are craving a home away from home where you can 100% be yourself and loved for that uniquely amazing woman that you are, then you have found home right in your backyard.


I’m delighted to answer any questions that you might have.


Email me at Asheville@femcity.com

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