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Avoid these 8 Staging Mistakes

You may love your home; however, it doesn’t mean that everyone coming through the door will feel the same way. What may be “charming” to the you as a seller may seem off-putting to a prospective buyer. Many sellers attempt to stage their home themselves. In doing so, they make mistakes that may divert the sale. After years of working alongside professionally accredited homestagers, they shared some of the substantial staging mistakes with me:

*Don’t get too personal: Staging is all about de-personalizing the space, and creating a model home look that will appeal to most everyone.

*Don’t create a look that appeals to just you.

*Avoid dark colors: Choose neutral or warm colors. A few coats of fresh paint will make a huge difference. Take advantage of natural light: Blocking off light with heavy curtains or furniture can hurt your sale—especially if the home has attractive views.

*Don’t think more is better: Scale down your furniture. The size of furniture needs to be in balance with the scale of the room. Furniture should define the purpose of the room.

*Don’t leave pets at home: Remove all traces of animals from the house. Make sure Fido is away during showings. A pet could kill a sale before a potential buyer even steps into the house.

*Don’t neglect the outside: Outside is as important as the inside. Add flowers, mow the lawn, tidy up and add kid-friendly accessories. Curb appeal, a well manicured lawn and landscaping will attract serious buyers.

*Don’t just deal with “main” rooms: Don’t forget the garage, basement and closets. Organization is key.

*Don’t forget fixtures: It’s important that all lights are burning and all fixtures are working. Staging a home means showcasing features, not concealing flaws. Make sure your house is in good condition and use staging to cast the home in its best light. 

Give it a personal touch by writing a personal note for a potential buyer as they walk through your home highlighting features. It is probably going to be the very same reason they will buy your home, too.

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