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Avoid the Summer Business Slump

Hello Fems,

Instead of thinking about summer as “downtime” or “slow,” think about how you can use it to be as productive as possible. Here are 6 practical tips to pick up speed this summer.

  1. Look back on the first half of the year. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a team, schedule some time review and reflect. What has been your biggest success so far this year? What can you do differently or better – as a team and as individuals – for the remainder of the year?
  2. Create a seasonal summer offer: say hello to beach towel with purchase!
  3. Do you have outstanding, unpaid invoices from clients? Instead of relying on the automatic email reminder, pick up the phone and give him/her a call. Use this as a wonderful opportunity to connect with your clients (invite them to tell you about their summer vacation plans). You’ll develop a deeper relationship and increase your cash flow.
  4. Start planning for fall, now. That’s right. Use the often quieter time of summer to get a jump start on your Q3 and Q4 goals. Develop your action plan now. You’ll thank yourself later.
  5. If revenues are down, devise a plan to market/promote yourself MORE throughout the summer. Need ideas? Research local networking events and put them on your summer calendar now. Host your own networking event at your place of business. Don’t have a physical space? Partner with someone to host a networking event for women, or for those specific to your industry, or for your business district.
  6. Join FemCity if you’re not already a business member (it’s only $150/year) and includes access to virtual and live networking events in your community, ability to post your events in our community calendar, and ability to post your articles and expert content – for thousands of women in business to see.

What are you waiting for? Hope to see you at the beach!


President, FemCity

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