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Be a Connector

How to Become a Connector | Written By Cheyenne Palma Dominguez

I come from humble beginnings. As a kid, I grew up on food stamps and lived in apartments with cockroaches. Yuck! I won’t bore you with more details. But, how did I go from that to earning a six figure salary by the time I was in my 20’s? I’ve met successful CEO’s, philanthropists, and celebrities. I’ve had many fabulous opportunities come my way such as the time I was invited to have some fun on the TODAY show. The answer? I became a connector and anyone can do it.

Early in my fundraising career I realized I didn’t want to become known as the person who was always holding her hand out to ask for something (namely, money). If you are in any type of nonprofit role or sales position, you can probably identify. Who wants to be known as the person who always needs a handout? So while I loved philanthropy and raising money for great causes, I decided I would also make an effort to be of value to others. My number one way to be of value to others which costs nothing? Connecting people. Plain and simple.

Think about all the people and businesses you know. Try connecting people who could do business together (a bakery owner looking for a new space with a commercial realtor). Connect thought leaders in your industry. Consider connecting a job seeker with a hiring manager. Connect people who share similar interests and hobbies (golfers, fashion bloggers, runners). Connect a new neighborhood family with a local mom who is tapped into her community.

Don’t think of it as a favor. Don’t keep track. You don’t need to. Do it because it makes good business sense. By connecting people in your network you can become a highly valuable resource to those around you. Go ahead, watch what happens when people start to think of you as a highly valuable resource. Opportunity knocks. Not sure how you can be helpful to someone? Just ask, “How can I be helpful to you?” It’s that easy.

Originally posted at www.cheyennepalma.com.

Cheyenne has created “Build a Killer Rolodex” for women with big business goals and a love for their communities. Her blog is inspired by women who choose to raise the bar and elevate those around them. Business advice, philanthropy guidance, developing a personal style, the joys (and woes) of travel, and unplugging are topics she enjoys. But most of all, she enjoys connecting with and learning from other women. You can find her in Atlanta, Miami, and Philadelphia. She is president of Femfessionals Philadelphia with nearly 1,000 members. www.cheyennepalma.com.

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