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Be happy. It’s a choice.

Be happy. It’s a choice, not circumstance. | Written by Karen Roth

30 hours of travel, 5 flights, one 13.5 hours and over 10k miles. Having crossed numerous time zones and the international dateline. Navigated a new airport with a too-close connection. And….quite unbelievably, I’ve made it home! All by myself.

I have to admit, I feel so accomplished. Didn’t even get the business class upgrade this time (had to rough it in premium economy – no flat bed for me) and I still managed to get home without losing anything, missing a flight or dying.

So, it was about 26 hours into my journey – waiting for the last leg of my journey to board. I’m sitting in Atlanta having a Caesar Salad and hummus plate and I can’t help but notice how upbeat and pleasant my server is. Not just to me, but to everyone.

Jada’s smile is infectious.

I’m guessing her age to be 30-something – why do we humans always want to know that??


She’s the kind of person that seems so genuinely happy that you have to wonder, does she just wake up like this?  I honestly don’t think I would be that happy working in a busy airport restaurant, dealing with hundreds of stressed-out, frustrated, smelly strangers every day.

So I wrote her a little note at the top of my receipt – something like, Thank you for your positive attitude – with a smiley face:)

I really didn’t think much about it actually. Jada picked up the receipt, without noticing the note, thanked me and cleared my table. I was still finishing my glass of Pinot when she returned. She looked at me and said, You know, it’s so funny that you wrote that note because I’m going through a really hard time right now…I’ve made a vision board and I just know things are going to get better. People are always saying to me, Why aren’t you married? You’re so pretty…I want a husband and children. I know it’s going to happen…

I encouraged her and shared a bit of my story. Holding back tears (while repeating, I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry…) she took my hand and told me that she is preparing to move by herself to Charlotte because she has a dream of opening a boutique. She told me how she volunteers for several organizations – one that helps women who have suffered domestic violence.

All of this in about a 4 minute exchange between 2 strangers in a busy airport restaurant.

Why am I sharing this with you? 

Because it got me thinking. Jada is one of those women that is absolutely going to be successful in life. I know it. In fact, she’s already a success because of her attitude. Even though she’s having a rough time now – and I don’t know what that means, we didn’t discuss it. She’s smiling, engaging in friendly conversation, laughing with colleagues, helping others and doing her job with excellence. Not feeling sorry for herself – she’s gotta dream and she’s moving toward it.

Against all of the odds.

There is no secret to success. You choose it.

Just like Jada.

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