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Become More Present

Written by Violette de Ayala, Femfessionals Founder & CEO

In a world of 24/7 connectivity, ongoing comments on threads and documentation of hourly living, the present moment has escaped society. As we grasp onto the struggles of feeling disconnected, discontent and lonely, the answers can be found in the detachment of WIFI and apps.

The breakdown of an engaged community in many ways is being led by the continuous need to be connected to the superficial world of faux friends. Constant updates, picture posts and thread commenting, often occurs while conversing with real live humans. “Wait…let me finish this text…”

The importance of being present is a common theme. Many walk while texting, email while out with friends and yes, even utilizing facilities while chatting on the phone. It needs to stop. What happens to our brain when we really disconnect from our mobile gadgets, and start to see the world as a real time experience?

I encourage you to instill a weekly block of time to participate in a digital detox. Whether it’s on Sundays or a block of time in the evening after dinner, designate a block in your schedule that will not include your eyeballs scanning your phone, tablet or computer. Here is what you might find while you cleanse your soul of digital conversation.

Humans are where it’s at: It’s incredibly enjoyable to be an active member of a real life conversation. Eyeballs connect, laughter occurs, and memories are created. Human interaction and the feeling of connectivity is exponentially better and more authentic face to face. Spend time with the humans around you.

Happiness level: Your happiness level will increase as a constant barrage of idolized imperfections has been documented to instill feelings of sadness and loneliness. These highly photo shopped images of lives presented in a glorified way, condition you to feel insignificant. If you are feeling bummed, this might be the reason. Their highlights are the only things being broadcasted. It’s rare to see images of vomit, blistered feet and chipped nails.

Serenity: Shhh…do you hear that? Those are birds! When was the last time you sat outside and just listened to the beauty around you? These moments of serenity calm your soul, and allow you to hear your inner voice. This is where you may have your most creative ideas, find solutions to challenges and overall refocus on your path in life. This rarely happens while composing a message with 140 characters.

Opportunity: While you are at the party, and attached to your mobile device, the best opportunity passed you. Do you recall the photo that went viral of a man on a phone that had a whale jump behind him? He didn’t even see it because he was on his phone messaging someone. He wasn’t present and missed opportunity. Whether it’s a business opportunity or a grand message from Mother Earth, these moments are missed while engaged in computer talk.

Start out taking hour breaks and once the side effects and the shakes succumb, add more digital detox to your day and week. The world is a beautiful place. You only need to look up for more than 10 seconds to see it again.

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