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Beautiful & Super-Cool

I Know some beautiful, super-cool LOCAL women.

Written by Karen Roth

Meet Elizabeth Pickett Gray – She’s a Sarasota native, a Femfessional, and the proprietor of PHBotanical and brand new Kitchen store in historic Burn’s Square.

This week, I met with Elizabeth and asked her to share her 30 year entrepreneurial journey – From Sarasota to Los Angeles, to Martha’s Vineyard, and back. 

When did you move back to Sarasota? 

In 2013, I opened a kiosk in Southgate Mall to sell my organic face & body products that I’ve developed over the past 21 years. Then, in 2014 as the business grew, I moved to the small space next door. Just 2 weeks ago, I opened my new, expanded store with a kitchen – something my daughter and I have always dreamed about.

Why the interest in skincare? 

I began making products for my friends and family when I established and ran a B & B, The Pickett House in Martha’s Vineyard.

How did you end up in Martha’s Vineyard? 

I had been living and working in Los Angeles as a Makeup artist for the film industry. The hours and demands of my work were challenging. My children were young at the time and I wanted a better life and environment to raise my family.

Tell me more about the products you sell. 

I have 2 basic skin care lines (face wash, toner/mist, creme, and serum). The Island Romance with a subtle rose scent is my formulation for sensitive, mature, dry, and fair skin. And Wild Spirit Sage, for normal-to-oily skin is balancing. I make all of the products in my Kitchen with organic, therapeutic grade essential oils, hydroflorals, and butters. My products actually feed your skin.

What do your clients say about the products? (I’ve personally used the face wash, day cream, night creme and serum for about a year and LOVE them! Even my aesthetician commented on how ‘hydrated’ my skin looked after using.  I’ve also noticed that my pesky sunspots are fading…. 

That’s the best part of my work – I love helping my clients learn how to use the products that are best for them. I’ve had women share that after using my products their skin looks and feels balanced, clear, hydrated, and luminous.


So, tell me your vision for the future of PHBotanicals and the Kitchen? 

I’m all about being, buying, and supporting LOCAL. I want to create a wellness community around the things that make life a bit better. I’ve got plans to open a cafe, juice bar, and to host events like writing workshops, poetry slams, and more – I’ve got SO many ideas!

You can visit Elizabeth in her gorgeous new shop and try some organic yumminess at 539 S. Pineapple Ave. in Sarasota. Her store is open from 11-5, Tuesday-Saturday.

Karen Roth is the President of Femfessionals Sarasota, an avid blogger and creator of the Karen Roth Collection is a brand new organic luxury brand of resort & loungewear for women. www.karenrothblog.com

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