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Being Broke Is A Choice

When I became an entrepreneur I was surprised to meet so many other entrepreneurs who couldn’t make consistent income and tried to convince me that it was because EVERYONE was broke or struggling financially.

This was a surprise to me because prior to being an entrepreneur I had worked for 11 years as an accountant and financial analyst. I witnessed normal everyday people buy luxury cars (I mean BUY no car note), buy luxury houses (I mean BUY no mortgage), go on expensive world vacations, eat at trendy restaurants, invest in beauty and self improvement packages, and more.

It felt like I was living in two different worlds: one where people could easily make money and happily spend it and another where money was scarce and unsafe to spend. Then I realized I WAS in two different worlds!

I saw time and time again how the entrepreneurs who didn’t believe they could make money didn’t. I was new to the entrepreneur world yet in months I financially outpaced several other entrepreneurs who had been doing similar work for years. I’m not saying this to brag or to put other people down. I’m saying it because it proved to me that our choices create our reality. And many people make the choice to be broke. If you believe that:

  • You have stay in your soul-sucking job watching your dreams die because there’s no way you’ll make enough money as an entrepreneur, you’re right.
  • It’s normal to wake up in the middle of the night panicked about not having enough to pay the bills, it’s true.
  • You have to help people by keeping your prices low even if that means you have to spend 24/7 hustling for business, then that’s how it is.

Well, for YOU that’s how it is.

People with these beliefs won’t take enough of the right actions that could help them change their circumstances. When things get tough they do what they know versus doing something different. (Why take a risk if you think everything will stay the same?) And they’ll keep struggling with money.

Working with my clients, I consistently see them get results like doubling their income, going from making nearly nothing to making tens of thousands of dollars per month or land dream partnerships that turned their businesses into luxury brands. My clients get these results because in their (and my) reality they believe:

  • It’s great to earn money and to spend it
  • It takes just as much time and energy to make $25 as it does $25,000 so hey, might as well go straight to the top
  • Their work is powerful and important enough to help people and change the world

My clients consciously make choices moment to moment that are all pointed in the direction of these beliefs. When they have challenges they don’t reset or go into shame, they choose to navigate around their losses and bounce back.

Whatever decisions you make today whether it’s how you spend your time, how you spend your money, or how you make your money ask yourself:

  1. What does this choice say about my reality?
  2. Is this the world I want to live in?

If you need help creating the right reality for your business schedule a time to talk with me. While working with me, my clients have doubled their income, gone from nearly shutting down their business to expanding their business across states, or have attracted partnerships with companies that turned their businesses into luxury brands. What made them so special? They had the audacity to believe in their success no matter what their ‘reality’ looked like at the time we started working together.  I’m here for you when you’re ready to do the same.

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