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Welcome to FemCity® Birmingham.

You are amazing and it’s time to showcase it! Lets Grow Great Together!

I am a problem solver and acceleration maximizer. I have 16 years of leadership and management experience, 10 of which were in various positions in Corporate America; however, my passion extends beyond the workplace and into volunteering, mentoring and serving with my hands and my heart. My passion, my strength and my goal is to help individuals connect the dots and fill in the space in between. I challenge. I inspire. I empower. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to partnering with women to cultivate a culture of “Winning No Matter Where They Are Starting From”.

I am so thankful to you, FemCity, for providing this space where women all over the world are learning from each other and collaboratively empowering each other in business and so much more. The value of the programs, the time and resources that went into it all, is truly amazing and I am excited to share. And then at the local level, we get to help thousands of women grow their business by providing the implementable tools and programs offered.

I was attracted to FemCity by the phenomenal opportunity and structure to connect my local community of women striving for more and their best, to an amazing network of women entrepreneurs, celebrating, supporting and leading!!  FemCity provides the connection and gateway to create a space of continual encouragement, personal and professional development, tools, resources, support, partnerships, education and programs. I am uber excited to empower women in a place where they can connect, grow and learn from each other.

I am excited to support a rising community of women in Alabama, and surrounding areas; women building each other up and serving others in our communities. I envision a movement of Women Entrepreneurs stepping into their purpose, using their gifts, building relationships, confidence and knowledge.

I am excited to lead with our hearts, minds and knowledge and to authentically nurture elevation, growth and building strong relationships and partnerships from a place of true celebration, education and empowering women to build successful businesses that will help them achieve financial security. It is not enough to tell people what is possible, I believe we stand with them and teach how to win on purpose, right from where you are, no matter the age, status in life or occupation.

My goal for FemCity Birmingham is inspiring and empowering women to grow, excel and uplevel their lives by using practical, implementable strategies to accelerate goal achievement. My goal is to grow the community in memberships where Women In Business of all ethnic backgrounds can move to where they want to be regardless of where they are starting from; while having an amazing community, support and accountability to stay on track and focused. I envision the FemCity programs in Birmingham as being one of the leading women business organizations known for its business tools, resources and inspiration to the community of business women of Alabama and surrounding areas.

My goal is to motivate the FemCity local community to maximize the opportunities available through FemCity. I am excited about the awesome content that women can use immediately and implement indefinitely in their businesses and lives such as: scripts on overcoming objections, self-worth and your finances, how to launch a successful business, steps to start a business, etc. The content is amazing and answers so many of the questions many women have each day! Thank you!

Have questions or suggestions? EMAIL: birmingham@femcity.com

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Birmingham Events

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