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Born With Enthusiasm // The God Within

Born With Enthusiasm | Written by Dede Lyons

Is enthusiasm a natural born state or do we develop it, and can it be cultivated with practice?

What if it was all of the above?  It’s really not important whether you believe you were born with enthusiasm or not. What’s essential here is to make this sought after “feel good” emotion/skill part of your daily life. Enthusiasm can help you succeed in business, feel better and manifest your desires quicker.

The origin of “Enthusiasm” comes from the Greek word Entheos which means “the God within” or ‘‘inhabited by a divine spirit.”

Some of the words we commonly associate with enthusiasm are: high spirited, energetic, strong excitement, zest for life, zealous, optimistic, passionate, eagerness, and fire in the belly.

I love this topic since I feel it’s my nature to be enthusiastic!

I know I was born with this energizing feeling and character trait. My belief is that we all popped out of the womb with this uplifting high spirit. If you look at babies and puppies, you will see that their primary behavior is being playfully excited and always seeing the world through fresh eyes.

My paternal Grandma Riley, better known at WaWa, who was very playful, knew how to ignite that sparkle in your eyes and that bounce in your step.

I often share my uplifting baby story, “Dancing with WaWa,”with my clients and students. When I was a one year old, my Grandma would come into my room as I awakened in my crib and she would sing her fun loving tune,“Diddly, Diddly, Diddly, Diddly….moving her hips, with a huge, bright eyed smile.  As soon as I heard her lively voice, I would crawl up, grasp the edge of my wooden crib, start shaking it and dance while mirroring her big happy smile. This exhilarating and stimulating six month ritual became embedded in my psyche. Since I heard the story many times as I grew up, I truly believed I remembered it.  I now carry this wonderful experience of my Grandma’s unconditional love, felt through our daily joyful dance, in my heart and soul. Grandma’s love is my foundation and it is with me always.

One of my favorite quotes by Aldous Huxley sums it up. “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.”

Enthusiasm is a big part of my Feel Good Express coaching program. I use a powerful technique in my workshops I developed called the “PEP Dance” tool to help clients reawaken their childhood enthusiasm. Together we wake up their playful “divine spirit.” We shake that crib and wiggle our hips to resurrect their buried baby inspiration, so they can manifest their desires. Our focus is on passion, energy and purpose.

PEP = Enthusiasm

P = Passion  It’s the anticipated excitement, fervor, and putting your heart and soul into motion.

E = Energy  It’s the fire in your belly, the sparkle in your eye and the bounce in your step.

P = Purpose  It’s your intention to create what excites you in life. It aligns you with your higher self to accomplish your desires and live your dream.

Once  PEP is rebirthed I recommend additional playful activities, that with practice, will nurture and solidify more positive and joyful emotions. These newly activated exuberant feelings will get embedded in their psyche so they too will be in the dance of life.

Waldo Emerson says; “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

I know from experience that enthusiasm and passion go hand and hand with success. It often gets you the interview, lands you the job and brings to you that promotion you have been targeting. Plus it builds confidence, improves communication, and most importantly, you will feel so good.

I leave you with one of my favorite FGE affirmations, “I am filled with PEP: Passion, Energy and Purpose and I approach all my life experiences with child-like enthusiasm.”

This article was also featured by the Sun and Surf Magazine here on pages 44 and 45. 

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