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Business Lessons from a Girl Squad of 9-Year Olds

Written by Femfessionals Founder & CEO, Violette de Ayala

During the week of Christmas, as many were taking it easy, and throwing back some holiday cheer, my 9-year old and her girl squad created a holiday sweets business. Since I spend every working hour of my life assisting women entrepreneurs, this venture made perfect sense. However, to give them autonomy and have their internal passion lead the way, I didn’t provide much assistance to them. They created their product list, pricing, branding and complete strategy.

What followed in the next few days served as a reminder of how simple business can be when passion, focus and excitement come together.

They created marketing with markers and poster boards. They created a menu with paper and crayons. They reviewed some of my pinterest ideas for products to offer [which candy sweets, etc.] and they were off to a great launch. In a blink of 48 hours, they were in business.

Here are some tips we can all use to get rolling…

Passion: These girls exuded passion for their project. I funded only the marketing and they sought out another mom for the funding for the materials. They didn’t give up, and they didn’t allow any obstacle to deter their dream. They preserved until they got a yes. Their passion was on point and remained strong throughout the longevity of the business [a total of 3 hours!]

Strategy: They created a schedule of what would need to happen in order for them to be ready to sell the day before Christmas Eve. They tackled each task in sequence and at 2 pm EST on December 23rd, they were ready to open for business. 

Fearless: The girls started with a little table outside, typical of a lemonade stand but with red table cloth and holiday plants as decor. Their selling started mildly and nervously. Within the hour, they started selling door to door, creating packaged deals, and even approaching every driver with a brass bell.  Their lack of fear of rejection was impressionable and even when they were rejected and didn’t get the sale, they tossed it up as if it were just a crack in the sidewalk.

Their flow with business was incredibly admirable as I witnessed from our front porch.  They created their own pitches dependent on their clientele. If the mom was driving a minivan with children, they catered their pitch to the kids which calmed them down making the mom happy. For the FedEx drivers, they pitched their homemade baked treats as a way to take a break from the very hectic day of delivery.

The girls continued to sell and within an hour of sunset, I told them it was time to close up shop. They made $100, split it in equal parts and finished their project successfully.

They had support from one another, smiled and remained positive throughout the process. At times inspiration arrives in the daily moments of simpleness and sometimes through the eyes of 9-year olds tackling business head-on.  What a great reminder for us all.

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