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A warm Hello FemCity Cape Coral!

I want to introduce myself to the chapter as your new Interim President. There are members I have recently had the opportunity to meet and many more I greatly look forward to getting to know in the very near future. I moved here in July to be near my Mother in Law who was ill and who since passed. Then like you, encountered Hurricane Irma. The experience deeply affected me in many ways, including giving me a glimpse of some of the phenomenal women in this chapter who stood tall, brave and strong. I was moved.

FemCity has had an incredible impact on me and my work with the entire organization. This is another one of the many reasons I’ve had the good fortune to move here to paradise from the desert of New Mexico. I am the Global Director for FemCity Global, having the honor of working alongside Violette de Ayala, Founder & CEO and Cheyenne Dominguez, President, to develop programs for Fems to evolve even greater in their businesses as well as work with outside organizations who want to create strategic alliances with us. I am also a Lifetime Global Member and former President of FemCity Albuquerque, where I passionately grew my chapter into a thriving community of incredible women, many who have since become Global Members and expanded their careers through FemCity greatly.

Outside of Fems, I am a Media Executive – I have a Radio Show that’s listened to in 50+ countries and am a Content Producer for Music, Web, Film & TV, for businesses looking to go BIG! My Husband is a Music Producer and Film Composer. We own a recording studio on Pine Island and Record Label. Last, but not least, I am a published Children’s Book Author with a sweet positive message story about a flying frog. I’m a Mom of two beautiful Daughters and 7 pets which includes the cutest hedgehog you’ll ever meet!

It is my sincere intention to nurture, nourish, support and expand your reasons for being part here. Whether you’re a Corporate Executive, Soloprenuer, just starting out in business or are already well seasoned in the business environment, FemCity Cape Coral will be an inviting chapter that will continue to welcome you to connect, expand and network both locally and across the country and Canada should that be part of your goals. We have it all and together we’ll make a dynamic chapter you’ll be proud to be part of and want to share it with your fellow female Cape Coral, Pine Island and other surrounding area Colleagues and girlfriends.

Immediately, we will move forward with a consciousness of community, empowerment and strength. I will elect a creative and dynamic Board who shares my values and the ethics of FemCity’s core belief – “Business for the Soul” so we can lead you as well as be amongst you in growing our businesses too. In time, you might just be the next President ready to take this chapter and make it what you envision for it long term. Yet, for now as your Interim President, I will look forward to you reaching out and engaging both on FB and with me personally. I want you to feel that you are part of something extraordinary – Because you are!

For those community members who have been wanting to find that moment to join, THIS IS IT! If you’re ready to rock your career, this should be the easiest decision and one made quickly. We’re going to have business and social events. Events are a core of my background so get ready to come to meet other like minded ladies and show all of us how amazing you are.

To the adventures ahead!
In service and gratitude,

Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan

Have questions or suggestions? EMAIL: capecoral@femcity.com

Follow along on Facebook: Facebook.com/FemCityCapeCoral

Cape Coral Events

Apr 05


April 5 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am EDT
Cape Coral

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  • Flora Gutierrez-Sanchez / 22 October 2016 9:48

    I love FemCity Cape Coral especially #womenempoweringotherwomen. I couldn’t feel happier and more blessed from how far we have come from it’s launch on October 22, 2016, All of you FEMS truly rock

  • Monica Garcia Saenz / 3 November 2017 1:28

    I’m very honored and blessed to be a business member and a board member of this fabulous group of amazing women! I’m also excited about my global membership with FemCity and all the amazing things that await me in the coming months and years! GO FEMS!

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