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What You Need to Know about Your Numbers

Your eyes roll into the back of your head, your brain stops working and you feel light headed. That is how lots of people feel when it comes to managing money, looking at a spreadsheet, or reviewing a profit/loss statement. Yet whether it’s your personal finances or your balance sheet...

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Protecting Your Identity: Solicitations vs. Scams

Here’s a little known fact: According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “When you apply for a mortgage, the lender usually gets a copy of your credit report. At that point, an ‘inquiry’ appears on your report showing that the lender has looked at it. The inquiry indicates you’re in the...

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Bookkeeping: The Ugly Hat

Small business owners wear a wide variety of hats, many of which are ill-fitting for their skillsets. One of those often ugly and unwanted hats is bookkeeping. In an attempt to make this hat less overwhelming, I set out to find an easier and cheaper accounting software program that...

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How Negative Self-Talk Can Destroy Your Financial Future

How Negative Self-Talk Can Destroy Your Financial Future “I’ve never been good with money.” “I hate budgets.” “I’ll never be a 6-figure earner.” “My market won’t pay premium prices.” If you’ve ever heard these statements come out of your mouth—or even in your head—then you’re engaging in a damaging habit known as negative self-talk. By...

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Social Media and Our Finances

Social media has changed the way we interact with our families, friends, co-workers and even complete strangers. From sharing a photo of a recent trip to sending out a tweet about the latest current events, social media has unquestionably changed how we share and stay in touch. While financial...

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The small business owner’s retirement dilemma.

You’ve poured a lifetime of sweat, time, and capital into building your business. You’ve begun thinking about retirement, and your strategy is to sell your company for a good price, settle back, and enjoy a financially secure retirement. But, like many business owners, you’ve made the mistake of assuming this...

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Permanent life Insurance can help in the worst-and best-of times.

Most of us buy insurance—whether it is home, health, auto, or disability insurance—to protect our loved ones in case something unfortunate happens. And while people buy permanent life insurance for much the same reason, you may be surprised to learn that it can help during many happy occasions as well....

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Inheriting Money Is Complicated

[dropcaps type='normal' color='' background_color='' border_color='']T[/dropcaps]hen we realize that we have inherited money, most of us have the thought, “Wow, I want to make sure that I am responsible with this money but I have no idea what to do!” A good first step is to determine the answer to the following...

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Top Questions You Should Ask a Financial Advisor

Sherri contacted us because she was concerned that she was not getting the best financial advice. She was retired and using her nest egg for income; she wanted to make sure that her investments were doing okay because she was always worried about running out of money. Our meeting began...

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