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Why Fillers Are Filling the Minds of Millennials

The days of cosmetic secrets are gone. Say hello to a world of sharing the beauty! Cosmetic surgery and fillers were once reserved for the famous and wealthy. Something for us to sit back and watch, while we made commentary on how ‘so & so’ got Botox in her lips....

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How Old Is Your Hair?

Age is not always measured in the passing of time. When it comes to our hair, a better word may be "distressed" rather than "aged". Yes, just like a fabulous piece of furniture that we enhance by sanding, refinishing and painting to our liking, we do the same type of...

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Potatoes for your skin??

Yes!!! Organic potatoes are amazing for your skin and so much more!! I first heard about what potatoes can do for your body in school while I was studying natural healing at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. The schools amazing director Robert Stevens lead us through a very rare...

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What You Need To Know About Holistic Microneedling

Holistic microneedling treatments came from Traditional Chinese Medicine where it's been used in a form of acupuncture. It's quiet simple and effective technique that focused on the induction of  body's own natural collagen and can achieve impressive results. Holistic micro needling leads to more affordable treatments, with lower side effects, shorter...

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When was the last time you felt REALLY proud of your smile? Taking pride in the way your smile looks and feels opens doors you may not know exist, ladies.  A beautiful and healthy smile brings you joy, increases your self confidence, and promotes the increased production of "happy hormones" within...

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Living Stress Free

We all live in a stressful world. It is imperative that we practice self care on a daily basis. Here are 5 tips on how you can destress right now! On our list of things to do today, “relax” usually doesn’t make the cut. But think about how many times in...

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