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Founder of Art of Hope : a FemCity Interview

I caught up with Tara Kangarlou, Founder of Art of Hope. Her story and intention will inspire you to no end.  Q : Your main project is Art of Hope. What inspired you to create the organization? A : For the past couple of years I covered the Syrian crisis closely from the border...

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Founder of Norbert // a FemCity Interview

I caught up with Julie Freyermuth, Founder of Norbert. Their story, images and intention will have you falling in love with the two of them. What inspired you to create Norbert? When I adopted Norbert in 2009, I knew he was a special dog, but I never anticipated he would become...

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Founder of The Cookie Cups // a FemCity Interview

Nicole Pomije and I connected through a mutual contact, and we hit it off. With her background streaming from South Florida to her effervescent entrepreneurial spirit, her founding story left me inspired. I wanted to ask her all the questions women in our community generally ask. Beyond this intention, I...

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Founders of Devigi // a FemCity Interview

Devigi is a brand that captured the heart of America's most popular journalist and daytime co-host, Hoda Kotb from the Today Show and propelled it to one of the most sought after fitness apparel brands. I got the chance to reconnect with Nadine Gelberg, Co-Founder of Devigi to learn about...

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Dr. Marika Lindholm // a FemCity Interview

I recently got a chance to get to know Dr. Marika Lindholm, Founder of ESME (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere). As we read and connect with the stories of other women, we understand that the struggle of growing a business and raising a family is one many of us share. I hope this...

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Julia Silverman // a FemCity Interview

FemCity Founder, Violette de Ayala got a chance to get to know Julia Silverman, who's recent film, American Pastoral also stars Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Connelly, Dakota Fanning. Making it from Pittsburgh to NYC, and keeping hold of her dreams, Julia shares her thoughts on dreaming big, keeping hold of dear friends and...

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