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Motivational Stories

Organize Like a Gardener

It was the middle of June before I was able to give my garden any attention this year. I don’t have the greenest thumb, but I do appreciate how harmoniously the colours of nature come together to provide a picture perfect backdrop. But when I got to our back garden bed,...

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What are your red shoes?

In her things, we found a pair of red shoes. Grandma explained that she had always wanted to have a pair of red shoes to wear, so she bought a pair. It was not until a couple weeks later when my sister and I were back to help clean out...

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Danger! Worry is a Corrosive Substance

A good friend of mine, in her more unkind moments, refers to her mother as the anxiety sprinkler: she sprays worry in all directions. Many of us probably do our fair share of sprinkling on those around us. We worry about our children, our significant others, our colleagues, and increasingly,...

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If a Teenager Can Do It, So Can You

My 16 year old son, Matthew, plays football. It’s a 6 day a week, 47 weeks a year commitment… for both him and me. He has 12+ hour days 5 days a week when you include school, football games and homework. He handles practice and studying like a champ. Rarely is he...

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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Chrystal Rose, Founder of Rebellia and Global FemCity member. Images from her travels to Tanzania captured my heart and attention. I wanted to connect with Chrystal and learn how it served as a major shift in her life and created a series...

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Dream Bigger

‘Marie, I have something to tell you,’ my client began, ‘when I started dreaming about my business and setting goals I was stretching to see myself at 400k in my first year. I thought I was calculating something wrong when I saw that I had booked 800k, but when I...

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Founder of Kendra Scott : a FemCity Interview

I recently caught up with Kendra Scott, Founder of Kendra Scott.  Her story of creating a multi-million dollar business will inspire you to go big in life and take a chance on yourself.  What inspired you to create Kendra Scott? It’s very simple, really…I couldn’t find the jewelry I was looking...

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9 Lessons I Learned Growing a Small Business

Deciding to take the plunge into owning my own business has certainly been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I know I have beaten the odds as statistics show that over 90% of small businesses will fail within 10 years. Not only have I persevered...

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being nice in business

Is Being ‘Nice’ Killing Your Business?

Being nice when you're coming from the joy in your heart is perfect. But hiding behind 'nice' when you're supposed to be the powerful kick-ass leader that you are is only going to dull your shine, repel your best clients, and may even kill your business....

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Founder of Art of Hope : a FemCity Interview

I caught up with Tara Kangarlou, Founder of Art of Hope. Her story and intention will inspire you to no end.  Q : Your main project is Art of Hope. What inspired you to create the organization? A : For the past couple of years I covered the Syrian crisis closely from the border...

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transition period


Annie Woods works with women in TRANSITION, whether it is professional, emotional, or financial. With over 4 years of experience in leadership training and emotional intelligence coaching, she provides the tools that are used in classrooms full of people, in a 1-1 setting, allowing her clients to connect with their...

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I believe, that as an artist, it is my responsibility to share my artistic vision and bring light into the dark corners of our planet. Maybe even turn on some more lights in those already lit up areas....

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