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Self Development

How to Scale Your Business // Worksheet

How to Scale Your Business // Worksheet I was in Toronto and Chicago this week visiting our FemCity communities and was asked this question twice; How do I scale my business? I shared tips and strategies at our Round Table events and now I want to share them with you. Creating a...

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The truth about failure

Years ago, when I thought I wanted to open a farm to table restaurant, before it was fashionable, my dad and I were talking about the incredible risk I was about to undertake. He shared how proud he was of me for pursuing what I was passionate about and that one...

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Being Broke Is A Choice

It felt like I was living in two different worlds: one where people could easily make money and happily spend it and another where money was scarce and unsafe to spend. Then I realized I WAS in two different worlds!...

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What to Expect in the First Few Years

WHAT YOU CAN REALLY EXPECT IN THE FIRST FEW YEARS IN BUSINESS   Don’t you wish you had a tell all book that shared the truth about challenges and struggles frequently encountered while launching a business? It seems that most successful stories leave out the details of business creation while maintaining a...

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Obscurity & The Imposter Syndrome at Work

Taking an interest in someone as a person not just their work plays a vital part in being an effective leader or employee. Counselors and teachers for example do this for their students and clients or at least they should. No one is just their problems....

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4 Ways To Create A Rewarding Volunteer Experience

Do you volunteer? If so, congratulations! According to a report released in 2013, only 44% of the Canadian population contributes their time and energy to charities and non-profits in helping to shape this world a better place. Other than the satisfaction of giving back and strengthening your community, volunteering has so much to...

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Take a moment to BE.

Lately I have been in inquiry about the doing vs. being approach. I find that I am either moving at mach 10 with my hair on fire or I am at a total standstill. What gives? Is it a flow thing? Is it really necessary and/or helpful to always be...

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being nice in business

Is Being ‘Nice’ Killing Your Business?

Being nice when you're coming from the joy in your heart is perfect. But hiding behind 'nice' when you're supposed to be the powerful kick-ass leader that you are is only going to dull your shine, repel your best clients, and may even kill your business....

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HOW TO DELEGATE INTENTION : 3 tips on how to start delegating to live a more balanced life and grow business towards envisioned goals.  In this Monday Morning FemCity FB Live Series, I shared the importance of delegating to help ourselves, our businesses and to give others the opportunity to share their...

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transition period


Annie Woods works with women in TRANSITION, whether it is professional, emotional, or financial. With over 4 years of experience in leadership training and emotional intelligence coaching, she provides the tools that are used in classrooms full of people, in a 1-1 setting, allowing her clients to connect with their...

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HOW TO GET GROUNDED INTENTION : Share 3 tips on how to start getting grounded to flourish in life and business This topic was requested by one of our Global FEMS as she was struggling to figure out a solution for moments of exhaustion and border line anxiety. In this FB Live Series,...

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