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How to Release Things that No Longer Serve Us

Every Monday Morning I host a chat through our Facebook.com/FemCity page. Topics range from business to spiritual all with the intention to help you on your road to creating the life you want. In this video episode, I shared how to remove things that no longer serve you. We went into...

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Is Meditation a Must for Women?

A recent study that has been making waves and headlines suggests women benefit from meditation more than men on a general level, especially when it comes to a boost in mood. Let’s take a closer look! Mood, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion The study, which was conducted by researchers at Brown University, measured the changes in mood,...

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Mother’s Day Can Be a Tough Day

Mother's Day I love Mother's Day. For the lumpy gluten filled pancakes and the fascinating hand sketched family figures, it’s all so beautiful. Though, I didn’t always love Mothers’ Day. At one time in my life, Mother's Day brought me a bit of jealousy and anger. My perception of this dedicated day...

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Finding Your Inspiration

Inspiration is an incredible force that enables us to reach beyond our comfort zone, find happiness in simplicity and to see all that is good around us. I have always found my inspiration in the people and nature that have crossed my path, as inspiration can be found everywhere. Sometimes we...

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In June 2017 I had just moved to the US, gotten married and couldn't legally work in my new country. I was a mess of sadness and depression. My husband didn’t know how to help me, and I was finding it hard to help myself. Making decisions is hard,...

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