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Chantilly Lace…

Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face? How to Create with Purpose. | Written by: Karen Roth

wow oh wow.

I LOVE my ‘work’.

To make something from nothing – It’s what gets me out of bed.

I’m serious.

I love to create, always have.

From my first “blue ribbon” won at the county fair in Hagerstown, Md – for the purple and gold,  rick-rack trimmed shift dress I made at age 9 – to high school art class with Mrs. Lemkuhl, modeling/styling fashion shoots in Barcelona, Milano, Tokyo, NYC, and LA, photographing moments for brides in DC, navigating neural pathways to elucidate the mind-body connection as an educational psychologist… to making slow flow as a yoga instructor – and now, designing exquisite luxury apparel in one of the hippest retail neighborhoods in the US.

I LOVE to create.

But wait, there’s more…

Because it’s not just about creating for me anymore – it’s about creating for a purpose. 

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a panel-discussion at the Ringling Museum of Art, sponsored by the Hermitage Artist Retreat. The speakers included, Artist-Activists’Coco FuscoHank Willis Thomas, and the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Ringling, Dr. Matthew McLendon.

I was inspired and motivated by the discussion because it made me realize that I am not alone in my quest to garner my skills, experience and education to make a powerful difference.

In the lives of others. 

Sometimes, I feel like artists get a bad rap because our passion and dedication isn’t always immediately accessible to the viewing, public eye. Hearing these artists speak about their work and the meaning behind it re-invigorated me and gave me a gentle nudge to keep pursuing the work – even if no one ‘gets it’, quite yet.

I remember, years ago,  hearing an actor in a popular tv series say something to the effect of – how fashion was a trite pursuit – in the presence of so many other ‘lofty” career paths.

It gave me pause – and it probably derailed me for a few years.

In fact, just now thinking about it – that stupid statement was quite likely partially “responsible” for me feeling a need to go back to school to prove myself by getting a Ph.D.

So now I have a Ph.D. (with a whole lotta debt) and I’m still making pretty pictures and creating pretty things.


Because here is what I believe and I’ve always believed –

The world needs beauty just as much as the world needs truth – because beauty makes truth more palatable. 

You can quote me on that.

I’ll let you think about this for a moment…and in the meantime,

Hug an artist. 

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