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Creating a Business as a Couple. AhHa Moments to Success Podcast

Episode 8 – Dario Tomaselli, Master Chef, Entrepreneur on today’s Ah-Ha Moments for Success with Anita Heidema

There is much controversy out there that you can’t live a balanced life. There is no possible thing as rich life on your terms they say.  I am here to say it is and it is all up to your priorities and choices you make.

Naysayers have excuses that they use. An excuse to find fault and failure in their life and settle with being a victim.  To live a rich life on your terms you need to step out of that comfort zone and step up.

Todays Ah Ha Moments for Success is with Dario Tomaselli, who is my partner in crime and incredible master chef to the most influential people around the world. When he was young he decided to take the path that wasn’t chosen for him by his family and trust his heart to become a chef. Marking a path for himself that stepped out of his comfort zone. He traveled and living around the world creating “a life finally and not necessarily the life”. Each person has their path and follows their heart…

In today’s episode, he talks about his Ah Ha Moments that changed his life around and made him the most talented honorable man I know.

How do you start to learn more about yourself and create a world and business you love is to start with my complimentary

So incorporate the program into your life with the simple steps for clarity, focus, and balance so that you can have a rich life as an entrepreneur.

Listen to Dario’s story here

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To Your Success, Happiness & AhHa Moments,


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