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Your Unique Brand

3 Tips for Creating Your Unique Brand Value. | Written by: Karen Roth

For years, I lamented that I never quite fit in.

This phenomenon has followed me into my work as an artist, designer, and educator. I just do not seemingly fit in completely, anywhere.

Like the idiomatic, square peg trying to squeeze itself into a round opening.


Now at 50-something – launching my 5th business endeavor, I no longer lament my square peg status, I’m celebrating it.

Because I get who I am. This self-awareness has served me well in developing a unique brand strategy that aligns with my core values and entrepreneurial vision. It is in stark contrast to following a one-size-fits-all approach that does not resonate. The journey to abandon the temptation toward mass appeal has not been linear. There have been quite a few twists, turns, and meanderings to navigate the path to True North. And, it’s been so worth it – to experience the freedom, peace, and joy found in the realization of individuation.

If you’re still reading this, you are probably nodding in agreement. Because it’s likely that you don’t fit in either.

Stay the course. 

In my work with entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve observed that many new enterprises are conceived of and launched for this very reason.

You want something. You can’t find it. You create it. 

And then –

You offer it to others who appreciate your aesthetic sensibilities, innovation, and/or novelty.

In point of fact – not everyone will get it or like it – or you for that matter.

But, some will.

And those people are your tribe.

Your tribe gets you, they speak your language – and they are willing to pay for what you have and for what you do.

This equates to tangible value – So how to get there? 

3 tips for creating your unique brand value: 

  1. Become crystal clear and super focused on WHO you are andWHAT you offer. Practice communicating your story authentically and succinctly. Keep it simple.
  2. Stay true to your purpose – your WHY? There are many voicesout there – some of these voices will come from people who have never done anything with their dreams, yet erroneously believe they are uniquely qualified to advise you. Steer clear.
  3. Think – slow, steady, consistent, persistent. All good things DO take time and effort. Your perseverance will be rewarded. Never rush important decisions. Pause, reflect, then move with confidence. Give yourself freedom to evolve and refine along the way. Learn to distinguish and pursue excellence rather than perfection.

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