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Violette de Ayala // Founder of Femfessionals

We strive to live life happy, flow with our business and enjoy the moments in between. Quite too often, women ask me for tips on how to work with the Debbie Downers, the Negative Nelly’s and the Bitter Bettys. A few women would even consider certain relationships toxic and the need to deal with the toxicity a high priority.

When we work with negative peeps, it can diminish our motivation, our ambition and generally bring down our good vibes. We all know a few people that make us feel icky energetically, and are contagious with their bummer outlook on life. Science has proven that negative people and positive people exude the energy to others making a lasting impact either way.

So what can you do? What are some ways you can prevent the impact negativity has on your spirit and on your mind? How do you maintain your upbeat connectivity through a momentary spark of bad vibes through the people in your life?

Here are three tips on how to gear yourself up and keep that happy bounce in your step.

1. Meditate on their behalf: It’s not you, it’s them. Separate yourself from the emotion of their “attack”. Generally it’s not about you, but about their world and their view on life. Perhaps it will change, perhaps not. Send them compassionate vibes at their first outburst of negativity. It’s not truly personal towards you but a chaotic struggle that is going on within them. Once you change your perception to positivity, their impact on you starts to decrease.

2. Bubble: Keep your state of serenity in complete balance, in harmony and focused on love. Don’t allow a negative engagement to occur. Many times their energy may make you feel aggressive, or feisty in response. Prepare your mind to remain balanced and centered. Don’t engage in the darkness of the moment.

3. Happiness: Surround yourself in joy as much as possible. It’s similar to adding the color green to a canvas and then adding enough white so the color becomes lighter and iridescent. Lightness in energy combats the heaviness, and when we make it a priority to surround ourselves with those that lift us up, it takes away the pain of those energies trying to keep us down.

Be attentive to your surroundings, the positivity and the atmosphere to support you and your vision. Life and business come with hills filled of challenges and uncertainty. Our internal strength and the centering of our souls assist us in getting to the next level of business and personal growth. It also assists others that are searching for the same flow in life.

Violette is the Founder of Femfessionals [a global online and local community for women entrepreneurs], a small business expert, writer and mother of three. A serial entrepreneur with 20-plus years of experience, Violette is passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs through business growth, big vision strategies and positivity.


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