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You Need to Smile

A smile, even a fake one, will make you healthier!

Shared by Miami Business Member // Dr. Rita Dargham

How do YOU feel when you smile or laugh?  I, for one, feel amazing!  In fact,  smiling or laughing typically changes my mood entirely…for the better! It is simple to understand; so, why do you not engage in this more often?  Is it because your smile is not worthy of a day out?  Do you not feel proud of yours?  Smiling makes you healthier, people! Do you not go to the gym, eat health conscious foods, visit with your doctor regularly to make sure everything is ok? I know you do all this to feel and look your best.  Knowing that a simple smile can do that for you should make you want to do it all the time!  I would like to share some actual facts about how a smile or laugh can change you for the better!

Your body is designed to respond to outside stimuli in either a positive or negative manner. Let us consider exercise as a positive influence…because it is!  For those of you who engage is regular fitness should recognize the fact that you typically feel tired, but GREAT, after a workout.  This happens because your body has reacted in a positive manner to this form of activity and has experienced an alteration in brain chemistry.  This means that your body has produced “happy hormones” called endorphins in response to your level of activity.  In so doing, you feel happy, satisfied, and more energetic.  This same phenomenon will happen when you SMILE…when you LAUGH!

Typically, a smile or laugh stimulates endorphins, the happy hormones.  In turn, these help reduce cortisol, the stress hormone.  So you see, it becomes a cascade effect only meant to improve your physical and emotional well being!  Clearly, when you feel better everything else around you will also improve.  Additionally, a consistent smile will increase your productivity, heighten your creativity, strengthen your relationships with those around you, increase others’ attraction toward you, and even alter your body’s physiology.  As you see, there is absolutely no reason NOT to smile and laugh every single day!

Given this information, we now need to make sure your smile is one you are proud of, one you are willing to show off, and one you  will eagerly share with others.  If, for some reason, you feel otherwise, this is the time to visit your favorite dentist.  A thorough examination and treatment plan will provide you with today’s most sought-after smile trends and therapies available to improve the health and look of your smile.

Remember to always aim for the “Smile You’d Be Proud To Wear…ANYWHERE!”


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