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A Different Perspective on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday have changed so much throughout the years. I remember when I first went Black Friday shopping. We rushed out on Thanksgiving morning to get the paper so we could see what was on sale; we went to bed early Thursday night so we could get up early on Friday, and our first stop was Toys R Us that year. It was crazy, but so much fun that it became a tradition.

Now, the ads come out weeks – sometimes a month early. Many people spend all day Thanksgiving shopping on their phones and computers, and end Thanksgiving dinner early so people can leave to go to work or to go shopping. For many, this has completely destroyed the Thanksgiving Holiday with what some see as greed.

I reflected on Friday evening after I had been out all day (and we did go out Thanksgiving evening for a bit) about what exactly I had purchased, and if it was out of greed. I have a very different perspective to share with you.

  • We needed new towels for our bathroom, so I got towels, but I also took our “old” towels and put them in a pile to bring to a nearby animal shelter who is always in desperate need of used towels.
  • I needed a few new tops for a couple of events I had coming up…But I also went through my closet and pulled out more clothes than I bought to donate to a women’s shelter.
  • FemCity offered their upcoming Business Roundtable at 50% off allowing several of my colleagues to purchase this incredible training as they felt they would not be able to spend the money on it at 100%.
  • Kendra Alley, Barre Alley: a virtual barre studio, gave her virtual workout classes at 50% off, again allowing people the ability to workout again with her after having to cancel because they couldn’t “afford” it.
  • Brad Myers, Ball Flight Academy, offered private on course golf lessons for $99, again allowing people to “splurge” on something for themselves, or to give as a gift to someone who would never spend the money on themselves.

I mention all of the above because the world survives on people spending money. If people didn’t spend money, none of us would be able to have what we have today. So if on Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday, retailers and business owners offer some deep discounts on their products, be happy that you either got a great deal from a small business owner, or maybe you paid the real value of an item’s worth. Either way, the world operates with people making and spending money. If I can spend my money on things I either need or want and in turn bless someone else’s life or mission, then every dollar I spend is worth it.

I was seeing so many negative posts about the weekend sales and the hype of it all, and I am choosing to see the positive. Try to see it as people operating out of need or want, and blessing others and not out of GREED.

Thank you for reading, wishing you blessings and love this Holiday Season.

With Heartfelt Appreciation for you,

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