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Do You Need Help Staying on Road to Health?

This week I learned something new about probiotics and prebiotics.

Are you taking probiotics every day or prebiotics every day?  Do you know the difference in them? Have you been prescribed them or did you just go to the health food store or grocery store and buy a brand? Most likely, you have been told to take probiotics if you have digestive issues. But is your probiotic working for your particular health concern?  How do you know?

The latest research on probiotics and prebiotics indicate we should be taking prebiotics daily and limit our probiotic use to those times when our system needs an extra boost.  I was as surprised at this information as you might be.

Every day there is new health and wellness research be released and I stay on top of it, partly for my own health.  Listen in to the Podcast I did recently on Alzheimer’s research.

Do you need a cheerleader, a taskmaster, a researcher, an inspiration?

You want to do what’s right for your health, but you feel confused, overwhelmed or don’t know where to begin.  Let me help by being your cheerleader, or taskmaster or researcher or inspiration.  You first half hour of consultation is free.

Andrea Trank recently joined FemCity Cape Coral/Fort Myers as well as Global.  She has had many different careers in her life including Science Instructor at the High School and College level, Regional Director for the American Diabetes Association, TV and Radio reporter all over the country, Environmental Activist.  But in the last ten years, she has focused on helping others get healthy through yoga, essential oils, and lifestyle counseling.  Her own mother is suffering from Alzheimers’s Disease and Andrea is hoping to be part of a health revolution in this country focusing on lifestyle rather than pills to prevent and reverse these dreaded diseases.

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