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“Fall In Love With Yourself”

“Fall In Love With Yourself”

Are you in love with yourself? Most people say that if you answered “yes” to this question, you may be very conceited, full of yourself or a narcissist. However, I say “no” to these labels and believe that loving yourself is the most important love relationship of your life.

Living in a state of love and feeling loving toward yourself is the most rewarding way to live. When you love yourself fully and unconditionally, everything falls into place; you will be vibrating at a higher level and others will feel uplifted by your energy. Love is the highest vibrational level one can achieve.

When you project and wear your radiant smile of love, you smile from the inside out, straight from your heart. Self affection also gives you the ability to connect more deeply with others, heart to heart. This heartfelt connection will guide you to attract your soulmate and sustain a long lasting romantic relationship. You’ll start making wise choices since you are no longer choosing partners from your wounded ego or neglected inner child.

If you do not love yourself right now you can actually learn how to fall in love with yourself. I can attest to this since I learned to love myself in my early thirties. Like me, you may have grown up in a household where love was lacking. My mother was unable to express her love for me, just like her mother was incapable of loving her. As I discovered in therapy, my mother mistrusted love and didn’t know how to show maternal love. My sole goal was to learn how to love both big Dede and my inner child, little Dede.

As I peeled the layers of my emotional onion and deeply felt my sad vulnerable feelings around my mother’s neglect, my tears gave me the answers. As Oprah often said, “Turn your wounds into wisdom.” With my therapist’s guidance I saw that I am lovable and I learned how to be kind, loving and compassionate with myself. I was able to break my ancestral cycle of many generations of mothers and daughters not loving themselves.

A few years later, as my self love journey unfolded and my deep wounds healed, I attracted my soulmate husband, Joe, who loved and adored me. He was the icing on my cake! I was no longer looking for someone to fill up that empty hole inside. I had filled my cake layers with my own motherly love, self-love, self-confidence, self-nurturing and self-acceptance. I was ready to live my life to the fullest, propelled by self love. I was fully equipped to give and receive love; I felt worthy of love.

Here we are thirty years later, happily married and working together on keeping that sparkle of love in our relationship.
We practice love by being mindful of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Here are my five favorite “Feel Good Express Love Tools” to help you develop self-love.

Mirror Love: Look in the mirror everyday smiling and say , “ I love you Dede, you are so lovable.”
Love & Own Your Gifts: Write, feel and speak aloud about your personal gifts.
Love & Support: Surround yourself with loving and supportive family and friends.
Give & Receive Love: Reach out, say loving words from your heart to your support group.
Journal Love/Affirmation: Write in your journal: “I am a love magnet.” Ask your angels to help you attract love.

I leave you with one of my Feel Good Tweets: “When you love yourself unconditionally you will radiate sunshine and others will feel your heart’s warmth.”

This article was published in Sun & Surf Magazine. Click here.

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  • Angela Marie Tompkins / 20 April 2017 11:38

    Dede what a great article! Thank you for sharing and putting this out into the world. If we all made our decisions from a place of true love and self acceptance, where could that lead us? What would our world be like?

  • Heather / 20 April 2017 1:04

    Being in Dede’s presence is being in the presence of love! Her energy is very attractive and chatting with her, you know she’s listening with her heart!

    Dede, I admire you for sharing your journey, I certainly know it wasn’t easy….as I’m in the middle of my “self love” journey and it is challenging!

    Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  • Violette de Ayala / 20 April 2017 10:04

    I agree with you Heather!! Dede’s energy is really amazing!!! And loving this photo too @dedelyons

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