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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FemCity®?

FemCity® is a global innovative business community for women with locations throughout the US and around the Globe and expanding into new locations monthly. Connect and collaborate locally & virtually; share & promote your business; be inspired & get motivated to create your grandest vision of business in balance with life. 

Why should I join FemCity?

A FemCity Business Membership gives you free business classes, resources, tools and discounts on local events. Additionally, it allows you to utilize a variety of online platforms to share your business, collaboration rooms to connect and network with other business women locally and globally, and be promoted through our social media channels.  Please visit our Benefits Page for more reasons to join FemCity as a Business, Global or Lifetime Member.

What is the new free membership?

Our Community Membership allows you to register for events. For more information, click here.

I paid for an event and cannot attend, may I get a refund?

Events are non-refundable as head counts to the venue have already been given. Each FemCity event takes planning for each attendee to experience a feeling of community and support. If you are unable to attend, you may sell the ticket to another FEM or give it away. Please notify your local President of the change so they can welcome each FEM in a prepared manner.

What’s the difference between the community and business memberships?

Great question! Community Membership is perfect for FEMS starting out in business or thinking about launching one. A Business Membership is ideal for FEMS that know they want to grow a business and need help marketing it to the local community, looking to take classes to assist in their growth and want to help other FEMS do the same. There are more benefits to the Business Membership. To learn more, click here.

What is a Lifetime Business Membership?

A Lifetime Business Membership is a Business Membership that never has to be renewed.

How often do you hold events?

Each FemCity Community holds [at a minimum] 10 events per year. You can also connect with us online for our weekly class series.

Can I attend a luncheon even though I am not a member?

We are so excited you want to join us locally! We can’t wait to meet you. First, you must become a community member [our free membership] to attend events. Second, find an event and sign up!

I am interested in partnering up with FemCity, what do I need to do?

Fantastic! We love this! Please contact us at admin@femcity.com and include details of the desired arrangement for consideration. If you would like to partner with one of our local communities, please email your local President.

What is a FEM Pitch?

A FEM Pitch is a 30 second promotional pitch that includes the following: name, profession, company, specialty and an endorsement of another FEM. At some point during the luncheon, each guest will have the opportunity to present her own FEM Pitch. This is great practice for making a successful first impression (a.k.a. elevator pitch). We often close out events with a gratitude circle. [It’s all about the gratitude]

What is a FemCity President?

Each FemCity Community is lead by a local President. She is the leader of the local community along with a board of business women. Together they create business programs and social events for women in the local community to assist with their growth in business, revenue and connections.

What is a Board Member?

Board Members are selected by the FemCity Community President to assist in the development of her community. All board members must be Business Members of FemCity.

FemCity Profile: How do I edit the text after the @ sign?

Login and change your username – this is the text after the @ sign [nothing to do with your login]. Choose a username to help people locate your business. Ex: Name is Violette de Ayala  Username is : @violettedeayala

I am trying to register for an event but do not see the register button. What do I do?

This is so easy. Just log in! You must be logged into your profile on the website to see the register button. It will only show the price of the event based on your current membership.

I had no problem logging into the old site but can't login to the new one. What do I do?

This happens sometimes. First, reset your password using the email associated with you member account. Second, once logged in, create your NEW profile.

I reset my password and received a message that the password reset link appears to be invalid. What's up?

The reset password link you receive from the site can only be used once. Please start again. Click the lost password from the login page. Then click the link from your email to reset your password. Be sure to write down you password so you remember it when you login. If you still have challenges, reach out to us at admin@femcity.com. We work Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm EST.

Any tips on how to best utilize my profile?

Here are our top 10 tips to get the most out of www.femcity.com:

1. Login and change your username – this is the text after the @ sign [nothing to do with your login]. Choose a username to help people locate your business. Ex: Name is Violette de Ayala  Username is : @violettedeayala

2. Once in your profile, click on edit to choose your city from the dropdown menu. This will help people locally find you and your business. Ex. Miami 

3. Add your industry. This will help people find your business when they search your specific services/products. 

4. Create your biography. You can use the one you use on LinkedIn. Perhaps you can add a Call to Action and a Deal you would like to extend to your fellow FEMS. Ex. Mention Femfessionals and receive 15% off your next purchase. 

5. Add your social media links. Please be sure to copy and paste the entire social media link so that it is clickable. This will help to increase followers and help others find your business. 

6. Have a new editorial mention in the latest Oprah Magazine? Published your most recent article in HuffPost? Send it to us at admin@femcity.com and include one sentence and image on the mention. 

7. Working with a local charity this season? Have a new book tour? Post your events on your community calendar via your membership dashboard [click Post Event or Content]. 

8. Loving our new Business Classroom? Contribute and share your podcast, webinars, with links back to you and your business. 

9. Want to be known as a Community FEM expert? Our Global Program may be the best fit for you. Visit our Membership page to learn more about the program.

10. Locate your local community on our new site and connect privately with other local Business Members. 

* Global Members: Join us on our FB Private page and join us for discussions and additional support.  


If you have a question that is not frequently asked, please use the form below to send it to us and we will answer as soon as possible. {Thank you.}

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