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Featured | Mridu Parikh

Nashville Fem, Mridu ParikhProductivity + Organization Consultant for Life is Organized, is featured in The Tennessean in an article titled “Want to work for yourself? Prepare for intensity, fulfillment.”

Article highlight: “Nashvillian Mridu Parikh has acted on this dream multiple times in the last decade, building a home-organization business and an online organization coaching program with international reach. Recognizing a new passion for business building, she recently changed her focus to coaching small businesses and entrepreneurs on business building and organization.”

Click here to read the full article.


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  • Marge Dorsa / 14 August 2016 8:54

    It’s easy to get lost in running a business. Processes and systems are key for me. Fabulous article, Mridu. Usable takeaways. Thank you!

    • Mridu Parikh / 13 September 2016 6:38

      Thank you Marge! I love a good system too! Couldn’t run my biz (or life) without one. Cheers to our successful businesses! 🙂

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