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Finding Your Inspiration

Inspiration is an incredible force that enables us to reach beyond our comfort zone, find happiness in simplicity and to see all that is good around us. I have always found my inspiration in the people and nature that have crossed my path, as inspiration can be found everywhere.

Sometimes we lose our inspiration, and that is normal since life is filled with ups and downs and the unexpected. Inspiration, meaning what we need to be inspired in one specific moment of time, changes. A beautiful day can inspire an outdoor activity or just a positive mood to have an extra productive day. Observing a gesture of kindness can inspire generosity. Hearing an incredible story about a person finding their passion can inspire moving past an obstacle.

Here are three tips on how to find your inspiration.

  1. Be open to the natural magic of nature. The other day a lady bug landed on my leg. I rarely see lady bugs at all, so I declared the moment a special one which started my day off on an inspiringly positive note.
  1. Focus on the positive in the people you interact with. My sister was in town over Spring Break and we had the opportunity to have dinner alone together. We haven’t spent time alone in quite a while. As she shared some stories with me, I noticed how much she has grown as a person. It was a special bonding moment, and I took away a newly found respect for her which in turn inspired me.
  1. Pay attention to characteristics you like in people. I watched a television show the other day and the character was a little overweight and quirky. However, she was kind, caring and said what was on her mind without caring about what other people thought. Her genuineness was apparent and I found joy and inspiration in her character.

There is inspiration everywhere. We just need to be open to it. Listening, watching and feeling are the tools with which you can find your inspiration.

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  • Profile photo of Jessica Rolla

    Jessica Rolla / 4 May 2017 6:25

    Thank you for this good article, Jessica!
    I agree to look at the positive in people- it’s so important to see their strengths in forming
    an organization or getting tasks done.

  • Profile photo of Susan Melnick

    Susan Melnick / 25 May 2017 1:51

    Jessica, This is a lovely article. Thank you for the morning smile.

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