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Fort Myers Posts

  • Do You Need Help Staying on Road to Health?

    This week I learned something new about probiotics and prebiotics. Are you taking probiotics every day or prebiotics every day?  Do you know the difference in them? Have you been prescribed them or did you just go to the health food store or grocery store and buy a brand? Most......

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  • Are You Confused About Nutrition? If So, You Are Not Alone

    High carb, low fat?  Low carb, high fat?  Vegetarian or Paleo?  So many choices, so many different recommendations.  It can make your head spin.  If you are like me, you have tried every food plan in the world.  Check this out, I am not calling it a diet.  In the......

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  • Hurricanes and Health | Yogic Principles Applied to Hurricanes

    Here in Florida, life has been a bit exciting, to say the least. Preparing for a hurricane can be useful for practicing Yogic Principles. Practice and preparation go hand-in-hand.  In other words, each day on the yoga mat, we are given a chance to work on our breath, movement, and......

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  • FemCity Candle Limited Edition

    Created with love in partnership between FemCity® and Haley Jenae, we share with our community our 1st Limited Edition Candle to make a difference. With each purchase of the candle, $5 will go the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund. Candle is soy based and intended for room and body. PURCHASE ONE......

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  • It’s Always a Great Time to Grow Business

      Join FemCity as a Business Member in the month of October for a promotional rate of $99. The following are highlights of a FemCity Business Membership :  Post your articles online in your local FemCity Community* Post tips and advice on the local FemCity Facebook Page* Enjoy a monthly......

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  • Q + A with Founder of FemCity®

    Business Members are invited to our October Founder Q + A series with Violette de Ayala, Founder of FemCity REGISTER HERE ...

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