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Shared by Global Member Glenna Stone
Designing Productive Office Spaces

Creating a home office can be tricky. You want it to make you productive, look stylish, address your organizational needs, and be flexible enough to grow with your ever changing work and lifestyle. Here are the key design elements that every home office should address.

1. Desk Size and Placement – The first thing you need to determine is the optimal placement of your desk. Consider your need to be close to natural light and what “view” you have when sitting and working. A desk that faces out into the room or out a window will give you the best view. No one wants to stare at a wall all day!

2. Flexibility – It is nice to have a set plan, but always allow for flexibility. Furniture on casters gives you the ability to move things around as needed.

3. The Right Colors – It is important that the colors in your space provide the right atmosphere for you. Some like white and clean to feel productive, others want their office to feel warm and home-like. There is no right answer, do what works best for you.

4. Bring in the Sun – Studies show that people are more productive when their work environment has natural day lighting. Think about window treatments that let light filter into your space.

5. Clutter Free – Figure out what storage and organization needs you have. Separate items into two buckets, (1) what you need at your finger tips or close by and (2) what is okay for you to have to get up to access, then find a place to house these items in a system that works for you. The Container Store has great organizational products for the office!

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