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Global Impact

Karen Roth // Femfessionals Sarasota President
3 Ways to Make a Positive Global Impact. Sans Technology.

In 2009 – after a 7 year stint in grad school, I re-entered the entrepreneurial space with the intention of launching a global wellness company.

As you might imagine, the business world was quite different from when I left it in 2002.

Brief History.

I’m not what one would consider to be an “early adopter” in terms of technology. Even though I’ve never even owned a PC. I’ve chosen instead to exchange my dollars for Apples, primarily because as EVERYONE knows, it’s the only machine for creatives.

Prior to grad school, I owned a photography business – old school – processed film and printed images in a darkroom. I never imagined that I would ever consider offering my clients digital prints rather than Silver Gelatin. Yet, after several years of seeing the convincing proof at numerous photo conferences, I relented. Eventually replacing all of my film based cameras for digital. Yes, there are still purists out there who will never switch, so that makes me somewhat of an adopter.

Just not an early one.


When you’ve lived long enough, you begin to see patterns in human behavior.

One would think that after millions of years on the planet, human behavior would evolve somewhat.

Not really.

Throughout human history, technologies advance, cures are discovered, and solutions to many problems are realized.

Subsequently, with these advances – comes the recognition of new problematic issues – often times related to the ‘advances’, which in turn, adversely impact humanity and the environment. Humanity’s insatiable appetite for “more” leads to new endangered species, new diseases, new pollutants, imbalances of power, and the cycle continues…

The plethora of new technology, choices, and voices is overwhelming – oftentimes, paralyzing.

For all of the knowledge, technology, cures, and advances over thousands/millions of years – we still haven’t fixed the human problem.

So what’s the point?

7 years after graduation with a lofty dream of changing the world – in a particular time in history with unprecedented global access, I’ve had an epiphany.

I understand that the greatest, positive impact that I can make on the world, is right here, in my community.

3 ways to make a global impact right where you are:

Start with YOU. Take a personal inventory and make adjustments in areas where you need to rise higher. We all have areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. Shine your brightest. In doing so, you inspire others to excellence in their personal and professional endeavors.
Put people and relationships first. When possible and appropriate, take the first step in reconciling fractured relationships. It always helps me to remember that oftentimes the most unlovable people in our lives need the most LOVE. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be Forgiving. All of us fall short at times. We all need grace.
Serve others. This is a foreign concept to most Western minds. Our hedonistic, busy, “selfie” culture promotes self-gratification/self-absorption at all costs. Look around, see a need, meet it. Repeat.
Together, we can change the world.

Visit www.karenrothresort.com to learn more about our brand and upcoming launch.

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