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Growing an Adult from Scratch

Sounds a little crazy, but if you are a parent you must realize the power you have with each and every morsel of food you feed your child.


I mean, food is FUEL and your children are your most prized possessions.  It’s time to feed them like a Maserati, a Lamborghini,  or any other fancy car that you would never feed regular gasoline to.

Yes, you are hearing me right, you have the power to affect the health of your children when they are 50 years old!

I realize it sounds so distant, especially as you read this, watching your two year old put a crayon in their mouth.

But here is the thing, as I mentioned before…

Food is FUEL!

So what kind of an adult do you want to grow?

In a strange way, think of it like growing a plant, if you want it to prosper for years to come, you feed it, water it, and love it.  And if you gave it soda instead of water it would wilt.  And if you gave it mac and cheese instead of plant food, it would wilt some more.

I hope you see the pattern here, it is time to feed your children the same foods you would feed yourself.  To empower your health, strengthen your immune system, and SuperCharge your brain.

How can you expect them to learn and absorb all of that amazing information from school if they are surviving on chicken nuggets and fries.  All of us, that includes YOU, need nutrients throughout the day in order to perform at an optimal level.

Foods with essential fatty acids (EFA’s) feed the brain.  These include salmon, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and raw nuts.

Fruits and vegetables boost our immune system.

And quality proteins and fats make us strong, let alone keep us fuller until our next meal.  You know the ones, proteins like pasture raised eggs and chicken, grass fed beef, low mercury fish, quinoa, and even greens.

Then there are the fats, the good ones, the ones that soften our skin and fuel us for a long day at school like avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, and our EFA’s.

So if you feel like you have become stuck in a rut, and it has become difficult to feed your children for success, maybe I can help.

At the end of the day, I am one of you.  Life gets crazy but we can fall short feeding our children simply to get by.  It is all about creating the right plan.

In Love and Light, It’s time to Grow an Amazing Adult from Scratch!

Adita Lang is the creator of Nutritional Brilliance.  She designed this course to help answer all of the questions coming her way from the moms in her kids’ classrooms.  She wanted to provide a roadmap to make this “food thing” easy and to help create a plan for a lifestyle of good habits that we can gift to our children.  You will learn how food can impact your families health, and various techniques and recipes to make it all come to life. Nutritional Brilliance was designed to be a PTA/PTO fundraiser as well.  Your school registers at www.TwoFitPros.com, sells the course to the parents, and receives 50% of the proceeds.  You get videos, a training manual, recipes, and more, and then you own the course for life so that you can take your little sweet time and enjoy the ride.  No rush, just one step at a time.


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