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Happiness is the New Black!

Happiness is the New Black!

It seems like most people are in the pursuit of happiness. You’re not alone if you hold fast to beliefs that life will be better and you will be happy when you:

• Get a better job
• Find your soul mate
• Lose weight
• Get that “thing” we’ve always wanted
• (What’s missing in your life, that keeps you unhappy?)

We tend to not think about our lives as they are now, in terms of happiness, appreciation or gratitude – something’s always missing or not quite right, so how can we be happy now? Just give me that one thing, and then I’ll be happy…

However, research conducted by Shawn Achor, TED Talks superstar (11+ million views), Fortune 500 corporate trainer and author of The Happiness Advantage, suggests that happiness is a prerequisite for what you want in life. If you’re going to succeed… attract the perfect mate… achieve your goals… or experience an abundant and fulfilled life, you have to be happy first.

While we’re all born happy, as adults we often have to retrain ourselves to be happy.

f you’re happy, your radiant smile and happy vibe will attract “the one.” You’re more resilient. You take better care of yourself. You’re more confident. You are free to shine. You have the energy to take on your challenges, with plenty left over for your dreams. You are in the “flow and ease” and life conspires to help you.

Kim Serafini, founder and CEO of MindPower Technology, believes it’s time for a personal change revolution: her mission is to enable people to be happy now… right now… and use that happiness as a catalyst for personal greatness.

You have to “wear” happiness for the world to see, in order to get what you want.

There is no shortcut to happiness. You can’t flip the switch and suddenly be happy. You have to “rewire” your automatic thought processes so that happiness becomes a habit… and it’s essential to do so because it’s nearly impossible to achieve success if you are your own worst enemy and sabotage your efforts with unhappy dis-empowering and self-limiting thoughts that focus on problems instead of potential, and make you feel “less than.”

The fast track that begins with a decision to be happy, and develops through consistent daily practice. Happiness requires a few tools:

You need a way to stop the negative mental chatter that chimes in at the most unwelcome times to remind you of your perceived shortcomings, problems and limitations… and develop the habit of happiness-based mental chatter that reminds you of your achievements and talents, potential and capacities.

You need a way to “change your mind” by realizing that the ideas presented by this negative chatter are just opinions. Opinions can be changed and your mental chatter can take on a happy “you can do this!” tone.

You need a way to turn “I’m not good enough” to a happiness-based, “I can learn anything I need to, so I can succeed.”

You need a way to turn “I can’t do this” to a happiness-based, “I can do this and it will be fun!”

You need a way to appreciate what you have, even if what you have currently falls short of what you want.

When you decide to be happy no matter what, you’re going to see an upturn in your life experiences.

But… you need time repetition for new neural connections to form and strengthen. There is no shortcut, but there is a fast track.

What’s the fast track? Technology.

How about an app that provides a real-life, simple solution to cultivating happiness and requires no work? I realize it sounds like wishful thinking but by design, technology is meant to make our lives easier. What we once thought of as impossible is now commonplace, so why not apply technology to personal change?

Kim’s background in change management, sports therapy and positive psychology led her to develop an approach that works faster and more effectively than the traditional ways.

Technology simplifies and accelerates the process of creating happiness-based neural pathways. You’ll quickly develop positive and empowering thought habits and beliefs that spark creativity and spur you to take inspired action that yields amazing results.

The technology-based approach works because it quickly accesses the other-than-conscious mind to eliminate any conditioned resistance to these positive ideas. When you encounter resistance (“Oh, that’s a lovely concept but it doesn’t apply to me!”) you have to practice even longer and harder until the idea becomes part of your belief system.

And that’s the problem most of us face. We’re too busy, too stressed and too reactive to life’s challenges to consistently take the time to work on ourselves (even the term “work on ourselves” creates resistance, because who has the time or energy for still more work?). Many of us will start a journal only to stop writing within a month. Or we’ll take up a meditation practice that suddenly seems to take up too much time. Or we’ll go to a seminar, get fired up and… that’s pretty much all!

The reality is that we need a way to cultivate happiness now, taking modern life into consideration: conveniently, quickly and in a way that makes consistent practice practical and fun.

Kim’s 21st century approach introduces a fast-paced and entertaining mobile app that literally “takes the work out of self-work” through its daily micro-practices. Each MindPT Session – a short multi-media presentation – is a gorgeous moving vision board of stunning images and empowering messages based in neuroscience and positive psychology in a format that is, in a word, FUN.

No more staring at vision boards; no more saying affirmations; no more journaling and no more self-assessment exercises! Naturally, if you want to continue with these practices, you can, but just like the typewriter, they are impractical only because of the time and effort required. Let’s face it… if people actually used these traditional methods long enough to experience lasting results, there would be a whole lot less complaining going on!

The MindPT way is the fun way to create happiness that is not dependent on some outer force.

Even better, the app becomes more emotionally engaging when you activate the custom features that allow you to upload your self-images, name and personalized statements.

MindPT is a pocket personal trainer for the mind that removes the “I don’t have time” or “this is work” excuses and promotes consistent daily use. Watch at your convenience anytime during the day for just minutes (3-5 minutes, once or twice a day) to experience an immediate increase in happiness and confidence that carry you through the day. Your improved mood influences your choices, behaviors and interactions with others and over time, the lasting effects of increased happiness will grow exponentially to transform your automatic thinking to exactly that of a person who is doing what you dream of doing.

When you direct your mind, your body (behaviors) will follow!

Kim Serafini and her team are dedicated to promoting world happiness through a simple, engaging and fun app that anyone can use. This groundbreaking technological approach to personal change addresses the needs of the modern stressed-out, busy person who is looking to improve their life quickly and effectively. Imagine the magnitude of the ripple effect as people become happier and less stressed… beyond the improvement in their own lives, into improvements in their families, communities and countries…

Ask yourself… how happy are you, right now? Would even a small increase in happiness make a difference? What could you do, right now, if you were happier? What could change, if you were happier now?

Happiness is the new black. Wear it, embody it, live it… and live your best life!

To your happiness,

Jarmila Gorman
MindPT Chief Communications Officer,


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