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Have You Identified Your Ideal Client?

Marketing is ever changing. What works today will not work tomorrow and what did not work last week is kicking butt today. It is impossible to be everywhere at all times so you need to find out where it is best for you to show up.

How do you determine the best places to be for your business? Start by identifying your ideal client.

This really is THE most important step for any marketing campaign of any kind. Your products or services are not for anyone that has a pulse; they are for the people with whom you want to do business and who want to do business with you.

My products and services are not for everyone. They are for business owners and people considering starting a business. My products and services are not for everyone in those  categories. My products and services are for business owners and people considering starting a business who want to simplify their marketing efforts by learning how to do more with less by planning their marketing strategies and implementing them.

Did you notice what I did with that last sentence? I not only identified who I want to work with, I disqualified the people I really am not looking to work with. Are you looking for a magic pill to solve your marketing woes? I am not your woman. Are you looking for someone to tell you what to do and then you do nothing? I am not your woman. Are you looking to find out how to build and implement a marketing strategy focused around your business and schedule? I AM your woman!

That is what you need to do with your business. Grab your paper and pen and think about which of your customers benefit the most from your products and services. NOT the ones that would benefit the most if . . . if they bought your vitamins, if they actually took them, if they reordered, and etcetera. Write down the characteristics of the people getting the most benefit and that is your Ideal Client Persona.

What do you do with that Ideal Client Persona? That is a post for another day. (I have to keep you coming back somehow.)

Until next time, have a great day. – – Susanne


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