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Holiday + Kids @ Home + Work = Here’s How to Manage

The holiday is upon us and for many of us working moms, there is an overlay of stress lingering in the air. Tis the season of stress?

This time of year shouldn’t be filled with stress and anxiety. The holiday season resonates of giving your time, love and energy to those you love most. However, the realities of life and work for many of us still need to be in constant state of flow and harmony even in between candy canes and holiday cheer.

Every day is a party, holiday performance, and/or work social. All events and activities serve as attributes and gifts of the season. 

The next few weeks will be pure chaos for many women juggling everything. If all your kids will be home from school, families in the area, and/or lots of additional holiday activities… this may help you.   

Here are some tips to help you keep your sanity while trying to be productive at home while working.

Reality: Lets start off by being realistic about your time and objectives for the next few weeks. Will you finally write that book that’s been on your bucket list for a decade? Planning on tackling your employee handbook with a millions edits? Set realistic goals for the season. This may not be the time to start and finish your book. Anxiety occurs when our expectations are not in line with the current energy and present moment. Create a clear and realistic expectation for your work and life blend during this time.  Send a note or create an out-of-office alert sharing your expectations with others on your team and clients. Setting the expectation from the start will ease anxiety.

Goals: Set short goals that are connected to the bigger goals. If your goal is to write a book, then perhaps write a chapter a day. Smaller pieces of the work that lead you to the bigger vision will help you to stay connected with work but all in the scope of reality.  Use the time to close projects or revisit the vision of new ones. It’s the perfect time to create a strategy or close ones from 2015.

Around the family: What are some natural patterns already existing in your life? Do the kids sleep in? Are they most active in the afternoon? Schedule your day around their natural patterns of activities and energy. Review their patterns and schedule work around them. Perhaps working from 5-7 am while they are sleeping or in the evening from 9-11 pm. Be creative and flexible and work around the family. Your schedule will work best in a state of anti-chaos once you create a schedule around family and holiday patterns. Block out family time as well.

Prepare: We have one week left before kids are out of school and traditional in-school schedules go out the window. Create a pre-week holiday strategy of working later hours to complete tasks that hover in your to do list. Work a few extra hours this coming week to close the week off comfortably. As an example, I plan to work Monday –  Wednesday in 12-hour work schedules to complete certain items before the end of the year.  This might be your longest work week to make the next few weeks a bit lighter.

Presents!! Drop the “s” in that word and drop the stress too. Be present during the holidays.   Yes, work may need to be on the menu a bit during these weeks, but when work is off, disconnect from business and be. Just be. Be present, be there 100% and enjoy all the blessings. Our best work may not occur during the next few weeks. Use the time to be present with family, friends and your community.

Taking time away from work gives you the time to recharge and become clear with your vision and purpose. Often, I review the current year and the do’s and don’ts for the following year. The disconnection from every day work and life hustle, brings peace and tranquility.  

The holiday season is the perfect time to redirect your focus on what matters most…family first and business later. 

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